Monday, February 18, 2008

Yesterday - A Nice Day if You're a Duck!

The rain, the rain! It didn't seem to want to stop. Yesterday morning started with freezing rain then quickly changed to regular rain. I drove my daughter to work for 8 am and it was doing nothing. By the time I got home at about 8:10 it had started to freezing rain. By 11am I watched my son walk/skate down the street to the bus on his way to work. After that it just seemed to rain heavily. There was a pond in our street. We went to DS's hockey game last night at 9pm and the arena parking lot had a 25 foot pond at the entrance.

I finished the Fluted Banister Socks yesterday morning. They are for DD but I got to wear the first! The yarn is very soft. I would DEFINATELY use it again. It was KnitPicks Essential yarn in the Peacock colourway. The colour pooling is really neat and DD loves it!

We, DH and I, went to visit the FIL and MIL on Saturday evening.When we arrived I noticed that the FIL had on the socks that I knit for him. It's a nice feeling to know that people are wearing and using the things that I make.

I cast on another pair of socks yesterday too. I am knitting the RPM socks in Colinette's Jitterbug yarn. It's the yarn that I received from Mairin in the World Yarn Swap. I LOVE the colourway, it is Kingfisher. The pattern is pretty easy and is good for watching TV.

Today is the very first FAMILY DAY holiday in Ontario, and I have closed my store for it! I am going to spend time with my family today. My kids are going to visit a few friends for an hour or 2 while I get caught up on some work, then we will all go and visit Della and her DD and their many dogs. Tiger is looking forward to his run/visit with his girlfriends, Hasia and Betty!

To everyone in Ontario, Happy Family Day! and to everyone in the US, Happy President's Day!

I hope you get to knit on this great day off. I know I will be!


Paula said...

I like Knit Picks Essential also. So soft in the hand. It is a great yarn. Love those socks!

A :-) said...

I'm jealous of your day off - Presidents' Day is not a holiday for everyone here . . . my work doesn't close. It rained here yesterday, too.