Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tired From Knitting!?

Good Morning!
This is my daughter and Tiger sleeping together after a rough night of knitting!. I don't know who has more of the bed! Tiger does not know that he is a dog, he thinks he's human and that this is his bed.

Here they are...the FIL's socks. I hope they are ok. I made them a bit short so that they can be worn more as a slipper. They are really stretchy and warm.

This is a not very good picture of my Civil War Shawl. I have yet to switch it to larger needles and can't really get a good picture. But I am finished week 3. It is looking pretty cool at this point. You can see the different starburst patterns appearing when it is flat. But right now it looks more like a shower cap on the needles!LOL I will be starting week 4 on Tuesday.

In the meantime I have cast on another pair of guessed it! SOCKS!
This pattern is called "Fluted Banister Socks" It is a past pattern from Six Sox Knitalong. I am knitting them in KnitPicks Essential "Peacock" on a 2.5mm Addi needle. I am really liking the pooling of colour. I think these are going to be for my daughter, Syd, but I could change my mind at any time!

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A :-) said...

I agree - that color-pooling is looking pretty interesting - and that is a pretty funny photo of the dog :-D