Friday, February 8, 2008

Hot and Cold and Dissappointed!

Well the past few days have been sort of hot and cold for me. Work has been painfully slow and with the snow storms that we have had that has been the main problem. I have tidied up my store and cleaned out alot of crap that seems to accumulate. I have shoveled a tonne of snow that accumulated too! Maybe I am in spring cleaning mode! It's a bit early but with the wishful thinking maybe Spring will happen faster.

Knitting has been productive. I started (Monday) and finished (Thursday) my FIL's socks. The are just a plain rib K3/P3 pattern in On Your Toes DK Yarn. He was looking for a really stretchy sock that wouldn't bind on his feet. I figured that ribbed pattern will give him the most stretch. I hope he likes them and that they keep his feet warm. I will post the pictue later on today.

Della and I are on week 3 if the Civil War Shawl. It is looking very nice and seems to be easy enough and straightforward. Although I hate P3tog! I am finding it is a pretty quick knit. It is just easy enough to be able to watch TV but not too easy that I am getting bored!. We are working on a Tuesday to Monday schedule for our weeks. We start a new week or pattern rounds on Tuesday nights while our daughters are in Highland dance class. We get to sit and knit in peace , enjoying our tea and each others company for 2 hours. It really is a nice break. I will try to post a photo later.

Della and I went to our Burlington Knitting meeting last night! There were 8 1/2 people there. One lady brought her 10 year old daughter. It was really nice to see Heather interested in crochet. My daughter is 14 and is very into knitting hats. She is looking forward to coming to one of our get togethers in the near future. We talked, laughed, nibbled, knitted and had fun. The Cafe that we meet at is a really great place. The people are excellent and the food is great! I already have the next few get togethers marked on my calendar so I don't forget!

I was dissappointed the other night when I didn't receive an email from Alison at the Simply Sock Yarn Company. She put out a request for Volunteer Sock Test Knitters and I didn't get chosen. Oh well apparently she had over 80 responses and only chose a few. So I won't give up ...I will try again next year!. I think it would be fun to try out new and different yarns and give my opinion.

I broke down and ordered some yarn from the Loopy Ewe. I had to stop the downward spiral I was on from the test knitting rejection. I can hardly wait for it to arrive. The photos on Sheri's website make everything look so appealing. I want it all! Hopefully Canada Post, the US Postal Service and the Yarn Gods will work together to make my parcel arrive faster.

Well I have to get back to my spring cleaning, wishful thinking morning!

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