Monday, February 11, 2008

Socks, Socks and More Socks 2!

OMG! I think the north pole has relocated! It is freezing out there today! This arctic blast of weather really needs to move on. I am really not built for this. Even the dog won't go out for more than a minute. I swear if he could pee off the back door step he would.
I arrived at my store this morning and the windows are totally frosted over. There is ice on the INSIDE! I am tempted to go and get my car scraper and clear them. No I think I will leave it alone I don't want to go outside.

These are a few picutres that I found of the socks I made for Christmas and didn't post earlier. The top 2 little ones went to my Neice and nephew, Madeleine and Michael. The blue ones went to DH.

The black pair on the left belong to DH too and the other pair went to the MIL. I just wanted to post them.

I did a bit of knitting this weekend. I am halfway through the Fluted Banister socks. I am about to turn the heel. I like the colour and the way it is pooling. Sydney, DD, is really looking forward to wearing them. They are her favourite colours, purple and blue. Between the weather, my work, the kids work, dance with my daughter and hockey with my son I'm surprised that I got anything done this past weekend.

Tomorrow evening, Della and I are starting week 4 of the Civil War Shawl. I am looking forward to seeing the next section. I am really liking this and can hardly wait until I can use it. Even if it is just in the living room! LOL

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purplejen said...

I'm such your civil war shawl will make a public appearance ... and I love the socks aren't the little ones cute!