Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Work, Knitting, Running Errands and Knitting Some More!

This past week was not too busy, yet it was crazy. My Monday started out like any other Monday, SLOW. Tuesday was my day off (except I worked again). I had dance and so did DD. I knit while waiting for DD to finish class. it was a nice evening. Wednesday was the get together of the Sketchy Knitters meeting. I love these people. They are supportive, fun and a blast to be around. DD was NOT able to attend this meeting as she was working at the same place we were meeting! Thursday was dance again and Friday evening I actually had nothing to do so DH and I went out for dinner! It was wonderful. We haven't been out for quite a while.

The weekend passed far too quickly. I worked on Saturday and then knit some more that evening. Sunday, DH and I did a few errands around town before we went to MIL's for a birthday dinner (DH's brother's B-day). It was a nice evening. Monday started all over again, work, rugby (DD). Tuesday (ACTUAL day off this week!) I knit, took Tiger to the vets, had lunch with DH, ran some errands, knit, shopped for shoes, knit some more and watched TV.

As for my knitting...

Well my PIF is on it's way. I sent it out today! I hope A:) likes it! I really enjoyed making it. It funny the way we look for ideas of what to make for someone we don't know. It is VERY important to make the right thing.

Highland socks are on the mend..again. 1 down 3 to go. This is what I started with...

and here is what I have now. The green is not exact but will never be seen inside a dance ghillie. I am so happy that I can repair these socks as they are worth quite a bit of money and to have to replace them is crazy!

DS's socks are done. They are knitted in the Harris Tweed pattern. I really enjoyed this pattern. It is simple enough yet not boring and makes a striping pair of socks a little dressier, yet the pattern and yarn don't compete!

Well, I am still patiently awaiting for the WoolGirl sock club to arrive. I am really excited to see what the package looks like. If it doesn't arrive soon I will have to cast on another pair and I will have to finish them BEFORE I start the Wool Girl ones.

I am also getting a bit irritated as some in the club have already completed their socks and we in Canada haven't received them yet! AND this morning I received an email telling me there is an error in the pattern and a replacement PDF pattern is attached.

I am starting the scary sweater. It is the Feather and Fan Cardigan from the Classic Elite Make It Modern booklet. It is a beautiful sweater but scary for me as I have never knit an adult sweater. I decided to work both sleeves at once because I want to make it about 2 inches longer than the pattern says. I decided to use Just Soya yarn instead of the classis Elite Soft Linen. Price was definately a factor in that decision and my inexperience at adult sweaters. I am so liking this yarn though, it is so soft and silky. I think it will look great when it's done.

I finally bought some new shoes. I have been looking for a while for shoes that would show my hand knit socks. I found them! They are a Mary Jane type and are so comfy. I really like the way they look with my socks!

Well work is starting to get a bit busier as moving season approaches, which is nice as it has been sort of slow lately and THAT is not good for a small business! DD is at a Rugby tournament today. I hope they do well and have fun or at the very least don't break anything!

Happy knitting to all this week!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Knitting, World Yarn Swap and Stuff

Although I have been busy but don't seem to have a lot to show for it. I have been busily knitting for my PIF and socks for DS.

Last Tuesday I had the day off work. I ran errands most of the day. I went to work to get a few things done (yes, I work on my day off) then I got to go to The Wool Bin in Oakville, to check out their big sale! I wasn't going to buy anything but I was seduced by Koigu at 50% off. I ended up buying 2 skeins of KPPM sock and 2 skeins of Kersti, in addition to another ball if self striping sock yarn. I can't remember exactly what brand it was. OH yea and I got DD a few balls of Mission Falls for her to knit up a hat or scarf.While I was there I also met up with Kirstie from my Burlington Knitting group...she was lured by the beautiful sock yarns as well.

I left there and went to Spun Fibre Arts and if my memory serves (sometimes I wish it wouldn't!) I think I bought something there too! I like having days off but I seem to spend money on them! LOL

At dance class that night, I went through the dance costume closet and found quite a few more socks that are in dire need of repair. I decided on 2 pairs for now though as I don't want to overwhelm myself.

Wednesday evening I did a bit of knitting and Thursday I did more as I sat a dance class waiting for DD's classes to be over (3 hours). I usually hate to wait around but it is here that I get the uninterrupted knitting time. I kept switching back and forth between my PIF and Josh's socks.

In my surfing the internet, I found a Beautiful sweater. It is in the "Make It Modern" booklet by Classic Elite. It is the Feather and Fan Cardigan. I have never made a sweater for me before, only for the kids when they were babies. THIS one I want to make. So I found the pattern at The Needle Emporium and my friend Della went to pick it up for me as I seem to be at work when these great stores are open. I am not going to use the suggested yarn but rather a more cost effective one that is similar. I will let you know when I start...which will hopefully will be soon.

The weekend was sort off quiet. I worked on Saturday and on Sumday after I dropped off DD to work and got DS up for his work, DH and I went off to Guelph. We went to a few stores looking for motorcycle stuff. One of the stores was Leather by Mann. They are getting out of their clothing and accessories line and only selling furniture so they had a great 40% off sale. I found a great leather jacket and so did DH. The prices were too good to pass up for a quality jacket! The front hall closet now smells like a leather's great!.

This past week I received my World Yarn Swap from JohannaL in Finland. Johanna spoiled me with all sorts of sock yarn. It is beautiful and my kids have already picked out what they want me to knit for them! The only thing missing from the picture is the huge chocolate bar that was eaten before I could get it photographed.

Josh's socks are turning out pretty good. I am doing the Harris Tweed pattern with the self striping yarn. It is an easy to remember pattern, but the boy has big feet and it is taking me a little while to get it done!

DD did a bit of knitting this week too! She knit up these baby booties. For her first attempt at something other than a hat or scarf she did a great job! She even has a recipient for them!

Well I am working today but tomorrow is my my day off again and I intend to get some house cleaning done as well as knitting!

Monday, April 7, 2008

2 Pairs Finished and a Bottle of Wine!

Ok, so this weekend was absolutely beautiful! We so needed to see the sun and the warmer days. I thought that winter was going to continue until July! But it seems to have been shoved out of the way for Spring.

Today and last night were VERY productive.

Last night I finished one of the highland dance socks that was in need of repair. It turned out pretty good. I used ToFutsies yarn in a purple colourway, as it was close to the purple marl in the socks and DD decided that it should be that colour. (who am I to argue with DD). This evening I completed the other one. The pair are now ready to be returned to their owner and the dancing can begin again! I think I will continue to see if any more socks are in need of repair. I seem to be able to fix them pretty quick and I don't mind doing it.

Also today, I finished my Charade socks. I basically had the last few rows of the toes to do and to kitchener stitch them off. I really like them. They turned out great. I LOVE the yarn. It's the first time that I knit with alpaca sock yarn and I would DEFINATELY use it again. I am looking forward to wearing them tomorrow.

I completed the 2 pairs of socks in between going to the Toronto Wine and Cheese show today!. DH, Della and I headed off this morning to attend the show. (Well, DH was going to the Motorcycle show). We arrived just after noon and went out separate ways then. Della and I had a blast. We tried many new wines, some we enjoyed a few times and some we did not. We learned about cheese, ate some good food and laughed quite a bit. We both found a new favourite one. We even had DH stop by the LCBO in Milton on our way home to buy a bottle or 3. LOL

DH on the other hand, was a little dissappointed with the Motorcycle show. Not as many motorcycles as he thought. Who would have thought that there would only be a few bikes there...He was done with his show about 2 hours before we were and he waited in the vehicle, people watching until we were done. Gotta love the guy! OH yea ...I DO!!!

A note to DS...I promise I will cast on your Harris Tweed socks next!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Knitting and Dance Exams

Well, It's Saturday I am sitting at work and I didn't get the Charade socks done yet! I am about an inch away from being done..I guess I will finish them tonight!

On Tuesday evening, I gave our dance teacher back the repaired highland socks and she was amazed! I was so glad that she was happy with them. Alot of the dance mom's that were there couldn't believe that it was the same sock. I guess I did a good job!

I knit for a bit the rest of the week in the evenings and DD, Della and I went to our Burloak knitters group on Thursday. DD was able to go this week as dance class was cancelled due to Highland Dance Exams taking place at the studio on Thursday and Friday. We had a great evening, full of laughter and even some knitting. DD is even planning on knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket for who? No one know but she wants to give it a try!

DD' s exams were on Friday and she did wonderfully. She was happy with her abilities and so was the teacher. DD took her final Highland, final National and Elementary Theory and a Hornpipe exam. Next year she takes her Associates exam, which will allow her to teach. I spent the day at the studio helping the girls get ready for each exam. There were a few costume changes and hair issues to be dealt with. The Examiner was here from Texas, she is a lovely lady who very much enjoyed all of the girls. It was a wonderful, relaxing day that was spent with friends!. AND the dance teacher kind of hinted that DD's results were very good. (but the OFFICIAL results won't be back from Scotland until the late summer)

Out of that came another pair of holey toe dance socks to be repaired. This pair is no where near as damaged as the other pair but still has holes in it.

And DS still wants me to get his Harris Tweed socks started.

Tomorrow, I think DH, Della and I are going to go to the Toronto Wine and Cheese Show. (Well DH is going to go to the Motorcycle Show) We all went last year and had a blast. That was where I learned to like wine. Apparently I haven't stopped or slowed down yet! LOL I keep finding wines that I like!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well I had 2 tasks this past is done and the other I am still working on!

I was asked by our dance teacher, (in jest only) if I could repair a highland dance sock that was returned with no toe. I had a look at it and was quite skeptical about it but thought to myself. "What do I have to lose. The sock is useless if I don't give it a try! And since they are very expensive to have made...why not give it a try". I told the teacher that it may not be pretty and definately wouldn't be the same as it's mate. but she was okay with that. So I tried and this is what I finished with. It really is a wonderful feeling when you can bring something back from the dead! I only wish that I had taken a before picture of the toeless sock so that you could see the total devastation that I was starting with. But alas, I didn't have a camera with me when I started and couldn't stop...the camera situation will change with the income tax refund! LOL

I am VERY happy with how they turned out! Now the kilt that these socks belong to can be worn again, instead of sitting there with no socks to match it. I think that the dance studio has a few more pairs that are in need of repair (none as bad as this one was) and I may offer to repair them as well. We'll see what happens when I give them back to the teacher tonight at dance class!

I have managed to turn the heel on my Charade Socks. I am LOVING this yarn and pattern together. They seem to work in harmony and not conflict in any way! This yarn is wonderful to work with. It is so soft and doesn't seem to split at all. It is Estelle Arequipa yarn. It has alpaca in it! I will DEFINATELY look for this yarn in other colourways!

I want to try to get these socks done by the weekend as DS is asking where his socks are. (I was supposed to make them before I made these...OOOOPS) So I will start them this weekend. He has decided that he would like the Harris Tweed socks done in the blue self patterning yarn that I have in my stash, Fortissima Colori Socka yarn in a Blue colourway. I hope the pattern looks good with the yarn. I'm sure it will...if not DS will wear and love them anyways! LOL

It's been raining here the past few days and the sun has NOT been out so Tiger has been hiding under his blanket and everytime he gets comfy, DD has to disturb him! Poor dog look what he has to endure!