Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ok, so here I am sitting in a coffee shop in Milton, working on the Internet! This new fangled technology is wonderful. There are no pictures in this post, as my camera cable is at home. I will try to post a few pictures later.

I had to take my vehicle in the my mechanic today because it has been making this wickedly loud noise and my check engine light is on...it sounds like a jet taking off whenever I drive. I arrived at the auto shop this morning and Doug, (my mechanic), gets in my van and takes it for a ride. He can tell within the first 100 yards what the problem is. He is amazing! I need a new wheel bearing. Apparently it is not a good thing to need.,. BUT he reassured me that my wheel won't fall off as I am driving it around for the next few hours until the part arrives.

I decided to take DH's laptop with me today since I knew I would be waiting around and had some work that I could get done. I also brought my knitting with me...big shocker!

I am finished the Durrow sweater ....well as much as I can do on my own...I am taking it to my Knitting Knite on Wednesday to have Guru Beth to show me what to do next.

So in the meantime, I started a pair of socks for DH. I am using the Cascades Handpainted sock yarn that I showed you in a previous post. The colourway is 'Thunder'. It ia a great colour and DH reallys likes it. I was going to try one of the socks from Cookie A's new book but I was having trouble increasing the cast on stitches for DH's foot. The sock that I was going to do was one with cables on it. DH really liked the fact that there were X's & O's running down the back of the sock. Hugs & kisses is what he thought! So I am doing a 2 x 2 rib with that pattern on the back. It is turning out pretty cool...I have a complete O and half of an X done so far...

Well, I am meeting a friend for lunch so I should hit the road for now...

Happy Knitting...

Monday, April 6, 2009

I Got It Figured Out...

OK, so since I last blogged, I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong with the sleeves on the Durrow Sweater....Well Della arrived and we I figured it out. I was reading the chart wrong...I was reading it from right to left every row instead of right to left then left to right! OMG!! It was something so silly that neither Della or Beth even thought about it. I have never used a chart before, but now that I figured it out....well I may do it again! DH is very happy that his sweater is not going to be totally Amish...LOL

Here are the sleeves. I am so impressed that I did this! I think it looks great for my first cables.

I have one more repeat to do then I close the cables and attached the sleeves to the rest of the sweater! Woo Hoo!
Below is a picture of the basement floor. It was originally a Fred Flintstone hearth that we ripped out. Now it is beautiful hardwood floor. There will eventually be a gas stove on it. This was my FIRST attempt ever at laying down hardwood flooring....and I am pretty happy with the results! It looks great and solves the problem that we had.

Next step is calling for quotes to have the stove installed....I'll keep you posted!
Happy Knitting!