Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Won A Camera!!

Ok, so I have been looking at possibly getting a new camera for a few months now. I have a Fuji Z10 little orange camera that is fantastic. I love fact I got one for DS and DD a few years ago for Christmas. They love it. Mine fits in my purse so I always have it handy. But I saw this really cute little Fuji Waterproof camera and decided that maybe it is time to get a new one.

This past summer DD was on her canoe trip and her little pink Fuji Z10 camera was damaged beyond repair. She decided that maybe I should give her my orange one and I buy the new one that I wanted. I thoguht it was a great idea, but the money just wasn't there so I have been waiting...I figured that Christmas was coming and that would make a great gift for me and she could have mine.
Last week DH comes home from work and hands me a little scrap of paper with a web address on it and tells me that I have to enter this contest. It is a contest that is giving away the VERY camera that I want....and hey, you never know I could win....I really have nothing to lose except a few minutes of my I went to the website and filled out the form. I submitted it and forgot about it...This past Monday I get a phone call at work from some lady at Fuji. She is telling me that I Won the camera and should be receiving an email as confirmation. WOO HOO!!! Honestly, I thought she was kidding at first...then I checked my email and THERE IT WAS... Notification from the FujiFilm Company informing me that I was won of their winners and that I should fill out the release form and send it back. She also told me that they would be announcing on FaceBook that I had won...
Well I did just that. I signed what I had to, and then told me that I would be receiving my new camera in about a week or so. THAT was Monday...on Wednesday morning, my shiny new camera arrived!!! I was so impressed and excited. I charged the battery right away and started to check out my NEW underwater camera. It is AWESOME!!! I will definately be posting some great pictures in the near future...
FujiFilm is giving away a free underwater Z33WP camera a day from November 9 to December 24th and all you have to do is fill out the form!!!
Thanks Fuji. I love my NEW camera and DD loves her NEW old camera...*LOL*
Maybe my luck is starting to change for the better!