Friday, February 27, 2009

February Blahs Means More Knitting & Cleaning!

OK so yet again I have not posted as much as I would have liked. Sorry to anyone who awaits the next posting of my life!

I have been knitting and cleaning.

I have been cleaning out my store. I have owned it for about 3+ years and finally decided that I don't need all the crap that was left by the previous owner. A few friends and DH gave me a hand and motivated me to get it done. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! OMG! I now have lots of room in the back to actually package goods now. OK, I have a packaging & shipping business and I have customers come into my store with their goods and I get them ready for shipping. The business is "PakMail". In case you didn't know packaging products are VERY bulky and don't conform to the neat little spots that I would like. Have you EVER tried to fold many pieces of bubble wrap and not have it fall over in a pile! Well it doesn't work that well. So THAT is the type of thing I am dealing with, in addition to, all of the other stuff that was left here. Well most of the crap is gone now! I even have room in the back area for a comfy chair! I have been watching "Clean Sweep" on TV in the mornings before I come into work and that has motivated me to get it all done!.

I have been knitting socks...still...again! I finished the pair for DH's sister (SIL). We (DH & I) were going to mail them to his sister in a plain unmarked envelope but he was going to be near there so he decided to drop them off instead. We put them in the envelope and addressed it. DH found all of my shiping labels and went to town. He put Fragile stickers, heavy 25kg labels and keep upright ones as well. He even put 2 handles to carry it. It was hilarious. I wish now that I had taken a picture of it. He left it in her mailbox. I got a call later on that day and she was killing herself laughing.! But appreciated the socks. She even had them on!

They are knit in a plain basic sock pattern that I use. The yarn is Four Seasons Gr√ľndl Hot Socks Print in a blue print.

The next 2 pairs are knit using the Blender Sock pattern. I love how these turn out. They are truly One of a Kind! I have been making the heels, toes and cuff a solid (leftover) colour and the main body is knit using 2 colours at a time. It really is easy!

The brown pair is for DS. He loves them. The pattern is Unique!

The Pink pair is Mine! It is knit in the same pattern as well. I am currently working on an orange and brown pair for a friend and DH has said that he wouldn't mind a pair of Blender sock as well. His will be in blues as I have quite a bit of leftover blue yarn from previous socks.

I have also started DH's sweater. The pattern is Durrow. The yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Superwash Worsted in a Charcoal Heather colourway. DH is looking forward to it being finished. I am about halfway through the back piece. It will be a little while before it's done. Everytime I pick up my socks to knit DH says "That's not my sweater?!" So we now have a deal. I get to knit socks in the morning and when I am out anywhere otherwise I am working on his sweater! It keeps him happy and I still get my sock knitting done!

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Weather...What Did We Do?

The Weather.
Sometimes I wonder what we did to Mother Nature to make her angry. Really, I mean look at the quantity of snow we have had this year and now the rain. I swear that I saw Noah's Ark float by last night when I went to pick up DD from work. I haven't seen rain that heavy in the winter ever!. Now this morning we had driving rain and the's strong enough to make you put an effort in standing up straight.

On the knitting side ...I have been doing alot of plain knitting. I have finished another pair of Blender socks (for me this time). I knit up a Hot Water Bottle cover for my DD in pink left over yarn. I am working on another pair of plain socks for DH's sister. They are in a blue verigated colour. She received a pair last year for Christmas but they don't go with everything that she wears so she asked for a pair in blue to go with her jeans. They are working up quick.

I was sitting at DD dance class the other evening and one of the Mom's commented that she really liked the I think my next pair will be for her! Again I will just do a plain pattern or even another pair of the Blender socks. I REALLY like how they turn out! Truly one of a kind and all from leftovers!

On the home front. We had to remove our wood stove recently, as it did not meet the safety code. The chimney was installed upside down and the unit was too close to everything. So we took it ALL out. Every last BOULDER that was part of the hearth. I swear that the whole thing looked like Fred Flintstone put it in. It was God awful! We are starting to replace the surround that will go back in the void that is there. We will panel the back wall to match the rest of the Rec room and replace the floor with an engineered hardwood. It will just be a part area inlaid in the carpet. We have a gas stove to put back in that place. Hopefully it will be done soon, maybe before March. Funny how when you have something, like a woodstove, and you use it. You really miss it when it is gone. I LOVE to look at the flames moving, they are so soothing.

This coming Monday is a holiday, Family Day. So my store is closed on Saturday to allow for a long weekend. I figure this will be the perfect opportunity to get a good portion of the rec. room insulated, drywalled and maybe even panelled. That will leave the inset of flooring left to do. Once that is all complete then we can have someone come in and hook up the gas stove.

Well I think that's it for now. Sorry about not posting pictures today, I will try to post them tomorrow.
Happy Knitting!