Saturday, December 27, 2008

FINALLY, Knitting Pictures!

Well, here are the pictures that I have been promising for a few posts now.

Here are the Happy Socks that are knit using Madelinetosh Sock Yarn.

There were a few hats knit for Christmas. The pattern is Wool Noggins and I knit them using Bernat Softee Chunky yarn in a variety of colours. I really like that pattern, it is simple and quick. I added a few more stitches to it so that adults can wear it.

I also knit a few pairs of Irish Wristwarmers using the same yarn as the hats. (I am having trouble with Blogger and my pictures tonight. I will add them to this post tomorrow)
These are DH's socks. They are a 4 x 3 rib pattern with an afterthought heel, done in Sheldridge Farm Ultra Soft Sock yarn. In the colourways Alspice and Chili Powder. I received the yarn from SSYC Heels and Toes Sock Club. I really like this yarn. It knits up into a firm fabric. This is my FIRST afterthought heel. I will definately try it again. It fits pretty well.

There were also a few Alligator Scarves as well. (again...trouble with blogger)

Christmas was nice...too much food and good company. We went to my brother's house for dinner. All the family were there. It was nice to see everyone. We had deep fried turkey, potatoes, stuffing, carrots, green beans and all the fixings that go with it all. It was all wonderful...we all were stuffed. Everyone seemed to like their knitted gifts...
I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year as well!
Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!

Well here it is Christmas eve day and I am sitting at work! Only till noon though, thank God! I have had it with this season I am ready for it to be over. My business is shipping and packaging. I have been crazy busy at work for the past month and I am tired...I want to go home and spend the next few days with my family.

I have been knitting like crazy as well. Lots of hats...I have the pictures just not here right now. I will post them in the next few days.

I finally finished DH's socks as well. He is going to wear them tomorrow when we go to my brother's for dinner. I am looking forward to not cooking. BUT I have been baking like a fool. Sometimes I think THAT is why I get invited places because I bring a huge platter of goodies!

I have to go and finish up here at work so I can leave quicker...

I just wanted to Wish Everyone A MERRY CHRISTMAS! I will be back in the next few days!

Happy knitting and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Knitting and More...

I have been knitting quite a bit lately. It helps when you get the kids up for school at 6:30am and don't have to get ready for your own work till 8 am. My kids are old enough to do it all for themselves (except for wake up!), DD is 15 and DS is 17. So I take that time to knit each morning. I really look forward to that time each and every day! Unfortunately I have no pictures today. I will post them when I get a chance.

I finished the Happy Socks that I was working on. They were knit using Madelinetosh yarn in the Beach Towel colourway. I received the yarn from the WoolGirl Sock Club but was not a fan of the pattern so I used the yarn for this one. This is only the second time I have knit with Madelintosh and I have to say that it is a fantastic yarn. It is soft yet knits up into a sturdy fabric.

I have been knitting some really quick projects lately. I have made a few coffee mug and hand warmers. My DS loves his. DD even knit a couple for her friends for Christmas.
I have also knit a pair of Irish Hiking wrist warmers for a gift as well and I'm working on another set. I have a few hats that I need to get done but will let DS pick out the pattern for me.

In the meantime I am knitting DH a pair of socks. The yarn is Sheldridge Farm and the colours are Toasted Allspice and Chili powder. I am going to make the toes and heels in the Chili powder colour and the main sock is Toasted Allspice. I want to try the afterthought heel. The sock is just a 4 x 2 rib...nothing too exciting . The yarn is from the Simply Sock Yarn Company Heels and Toes sock club that I joined. I am using a 2.5mm needle and the sock is knitting up very firm. I think it will last a long time. I know it is taking a long time to knit them as DH has size 11 feet!

That's it for now. I have to get ready for my knitting get together this evening.
Happy Knitting to follow.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Knitting, Spinning and some Pictures

Wow, this blogging once a month has got to stop! I HATE how life keeps getting in the way of my knitting pleasures.

Quite a bit has happened AGAIN in the past month. On the yarn front, I have gotten a bit of it!. I have been a bad blogger in not telling you what I received WHEN I received it!.

Della and I joined a Heels and Toes sock club from Simply Sock Yarn Company. It was a 3 Month club and these are what we received. There was a Lorna's Laces pair, a SKnitches set, and Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Heather pair. They are all lovely and I am going to make DH a pair of socks from the Sheldridge Farm set. I have yet to make a pair with different Heels or toes. I am looking forward to trying a NEW technique, "the afterthought heel".

I also found out that I won the monthly draw for the Sock a Month 6. I got some great yarn from QuteCowGirl, a stitch marker and a dog tag with the Kitchener Stitch on it. It is all great and the yarn is so soft. I don't know what pattern I will knit with it yet but I'm sure it will tell me.

A few months ago I bought a Learn to Spin kit. I tried it and enjoyed it alot. The kit came with 1/2 pound of 3 different neutral colours and a drop spindle. They are nice but I wanted COLOUR. I spun quite a bit of the 3 colours and learned to ply them together from Kirstie of my Knitting group. I couldn't justify buying more roving until I had used most of the neutral stuff up. To do that faster, I decided to knit a pair of Thrummed Mittens.

I ended up plying a chunky yarn that I think will knit up like a ragg yarn. Our last Knitting get together was mostly about Spinning. Kirstie taught me how to ply the singles together. Then after DD got there she wanted to learn how to spin, so Kirstie taught her how to do that. We got quite a few stares and comments from the people sitting around us at the cafe we were at.

Sorry about the blurry picture. I will take a better photo of just the yarn.

Kirstie and her BEAUTIFUL skein that she spun in the class she took.

DD and her first hand at plying. She is now trying spinning and really likes it.

And here is the roving that I bought in COLOUR. Yay! I have since spun and plied it into yarn. I will post a pic tonight.

I figured since I had spun MOST of the boring colours that I could buy a bit more roving. I chose a bright green, bright pink and a blue. The colours are not true in the picture, sorry. I love them! I spun them as solid singles and then plied the 3 together and I really like it. I was trying for a sock type yarn but ended up with a sort of heavy worsted weight. Oh well maybe the next skein will be closer to sock weight. THAT is my goal to spin and knit myself a pair of socks. Until then I will just have fun and maybe take up knitting scarves and hats!

I FINALLY got the buttons for my Corset Tank Top and DD's Baby Surprise Jacket. I never realized how much buttons actually cost! There is something to be said for a shawl pin to keep sweaters closed!

Tiger and I have been hard at work lately...this is us working on the computer getting quotes out to potential customers.

Also, DD's best friend, CC's grandmother passed away this past weekend. So it has been pretty somber around our house. I was asked to bake a plate of goodies for the reception after the funeral, as Grandma was quite the baker and crafty person. And they just can't bring themselves to buy that sort of thing. I feel honoured to be able to do a small part. She is the one that taught CC how to knit and do all of the crafty others things that she does. I know that she will be missed greatly by her family and I hope that she rests in peace...

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Here are the pictures that I was supposed to post in my last blog.

This is the Corset Tank Top without the buttons. I am getting them and going to sew them on this weekend.

My FIRST turkey ever! I managed to make it almost 43 years without cooking one! and I baked home made dinner rolls to go with the thanksgiving turkey. It was all wonderful.

OH and I got the next Wool Girl Sock club box. OMG what a box it was. It is all so yummy and wonderful smelling. The theme is Cherry Blossoms, and THAT is what it all smelled like. The yarn is Yarntini in the plum blossom colourway. I will enjoy knitting this great smelling yarn!

I also received the last of the Simply Sock Yan Company's sock club this past week. It was a Heels and Toes club. AND Pick Up Sticks Sock Club installment arrived too! It's has been a good week for yarn! The Pick Up Sticks Club is for Fleece Artist and Handmaiden sock yarn. It too is gorgeous. I will try to take pics this week of all the yarn.

DD Finished the baby Surprise Jacket too! All she has to do is sew up the shoulders and stitch on the buttons. She is so happy with it.

She also started to knit a pair of socks on DPN's. Her friend, C, is teaching her how to knit them. I can show her the magic loop way but she wanted to learn on DPN's. Oh well ... she is doing well. I have showed her a few things when she was stuck. She seems to be enjoying it...good for her! Just because I don't like DPN's, I'm glad that she is giving them a try. I am very glad that DD has a good friend that is interested in some of the same hobbies and crafts as her.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Knitting, Thanksgiving and the Boy!

Sorry, it's been a while again since my last post. I just can't seem to get into the groove of blogging right now. I don't know why. I have no excuse. Maybe I just want to knit instead...not that bad a choice of activities I guess but I will try to be more consistent, maybe at least once a week.

Life has been busy. DD got a new job and seems to like this one. She is very happy to be out of the food business! This job is in Organization...funny DS is working for that same type of business too. Unfortunately they both are NOT organized! Hopefully maybe that will change!

We have been cleaning up around the outside of the house. We have a few rather large trees in and around our back yard. The other night we scooped up 3 bags of leaves and by the next morning it looked like we did nothing. I am NOT a fan of trees and leaves, but I love Fall best of all! It is my favourite season. Fortunatly we closed and covered the pool BEFORE we went hunting so there are no leaves in the pool. Small blessings!

On the knitting front. I have been knitting quite a bit though although you wouldn't know it from the lack of pictures. I have finished knitting the 'parts' of my basic cardigan but I have yet to block it. After that I have to sew it together and then pick up the stitches for the button band! Maybe if I blog here about it I will actually get the blocking done. I mean if I make a promise to others then I HAVE to keep that promise rather than just not doing it. I figure if I am accountable to someone out there then it will get done.

I still haven't sewn on the buttons for the Corset tank top or the second Calorimetry or the Tudora. I am really slacking here! They are all finished except for the easy part...the buttons. I will try to get that done by the weekend. Again I need the accountability.

I am almost finished the Springgrass socks that I have bene working on. The Leaf shawl is still in progress and DD is FINALLY back working on her Baby Surprise Jacket. I will attempt to take some pictures this week and post them here for all to see.

Thanksgiving weekend was great. We had the best weather we could have ever wanted for that time. It was gorgeous out. DH and I decided to cook the turkey this year. MIL and DH's brother and sister and their families came for dinner. We had so much food it was great. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, turnip, gravey, homemade baked buns and pie for dessert. This was my first turkey that I helped to cook in my life. I would definately do it again. After everything was said and done I took the carcass and made turkey soup. I love my crockpot. The soup turned out to be divine! We had it the next day for lunch.

DS is finished his driving lessons and is taking his G2 test the middle of November. The G2 license lets him drive alone, without me or some other licensed driver in the front seat beside him. I get that it's part of growing up and being independent but I am not sure that I am ready for THAT yet. Oh well it is going to happen so I guess I had better get on board!. He is quite a good driver. I am not that nervous beside him anymore. I think that it will just be practice that will make me more comfortable. He has informed me that once he gets his full license he will drive me EVERYWHERE. I told him that he could do that now. He is 17. He is a responsible boy but I do remember him when he was my little baby and THAT is what I am having a hard time with. He also wants to take another year of high school to get the extra credits that he feels will get him into university. I guess that gives me another year of having him around here before he goes off to university. Thank you again for small blessings!

As my birthday approaches I have been thinking about how my life would be if I had made other choices. Hindsight is 20/20 vision. I always figured that I would be in a different place by this time. I am turning 43 andthat makes you rethink the things and choices that you made. I have always lived by the motto, "that if you are not happy then change the things". I got divorced, dumped the next guy who made me unhappy, moved to better our lives and changed jobs to be happy. Now I seem to have it all worked out. I am in a great relationship with DH, my kids are settled in life and school and are doing well, my family is all well and we are happy. I have no regrets about the way my life has turned out, however if I could do it again I would make a few changes (education choice and maybe employment opportunities)...wouldn't we all...

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Knitter Girl! Hunter Girl! Can the 2 become one?

It has been quite a while since I last blogged. A LOT has happened since then. I will try to remember it all so here goes...

Since I was last here, we bought the house we were renting. It is a smaller house but it works for us. And since I hate to clean smaller is better for me! The less I have to do the happier I am.

School has started and both DD and DS are doing very well. They both like their classes in grade 10 and 12. The move to Burlington a year ago was a really good thing for both of them. They have new friends and interests. I really worried about it when we first moved, especially about DS and how he would adjust to grade 11 in a new place. But aside from a few minor glitches he ahas done well. DD...well she just seems to fit in where ever she goes. We have heard about a few past friends and the choices that they have made have been less than stellar, so I am VERY glad for our move away. I would rather not put either kid in a situation in which they may fail. I mean I know they have to try things but why would I set them up for THAT kind of failure when I can control some of what happens.

I started Step dance again at the dance studio. This session there a few more people who joined. My DD is one of them. We are having alot of fun. I really like that class and missed it over the summer. We recruited 2 dance moms, DD and another dancer and last week we got 2 more dance moms to join. We now have a class of about 11 people.

Every September DH goes hunting for Moose. This year, I decided back in March that I would go with him for the trip away from work. He goes way up north to a small town in the Kirkland Lake area. It is an eight hours drive. I thought that would be GREAT knitting time. and the week up there I could get a lot of knitting done too. Well in August, I decided to take the Hunter Safety Education and Firearms Safety course before we left. I FINALLY found a course on a weekend that worked for my schedule. I took it the weekend before we left. I was VERY nervous about taking the courses as I didn't have any experience with anything to do with hunting or firearms, BUT DH had the manuals and had me read them before the class. I found that after I read them I felt alot better about it and wasn't quite so nervous. The class was all about safety and using your common sense. Which I must say is not really prevelant in the worlds population today. After sitting in a community centre for about 20 hours over a 2 day weekend I passed BOTH the Hunting test and the Firearms test. I was sent on my way with the paperwork to get my hunting and firearms license. Now I didn't know if I could ACTUALLY hunt but at the very least I was going to maybe give it a try.

We left the following Saturday on our great hunting/knitting trip. I did knit in the vehicle on the way up. I started and finished the Calorimetry and decided that I would give it to my niece for Christmas. We arrived around 6ish at the camp, which is in the middle of an old logging area where there is no power, water or any of the amenities that I am used to. Now I have been camping before but this was REALLY roughing it.

After we arrived we went for a drive in the area so DH could show me what it was like. OMG it was beautiful...even the clearcut logging areas were nice and interesting to see. There would be a beautiful treed area right beside a totally clearcut area. The contrast was really pretty to see.

We did alot of driving around the area looking for wildlife. I didn't get as much knitting done as I wanted, but I did end up have a wonderful vacation (1st in 3 years). I sat in the bush waiting for some moose to come by within my range (they didn't). I did alot of thinking and discovered a few things about myself that I didn't know. I am a stronger person than I give myself credit for.
I started the Blue Jeans Leaf Shawl when I was away, using Berrocco Ultra Fine Alpaca. I also started and finished Tudora, it is another Christmas gift for someone on my list. I knit it using some Kilcarra Aran Tweed that I received in a swap from Ireland. I sat in the bush and waited for the wildlife to come by and knit it. I dind't get alot of knitting done but I did try. There was just so much to see and things to be done that I didn't get to knit. I would do it again in a heartbeat though.

I saw almost every kind of wildlife that was there to see. I saw a Moose, (we followed him for 2.5km down the road), a black bear, a lynx, beavers, a turtle, grouse, loons, crested morganzers (birds), a mink, a rabbit, lots of ravens and a few other ducks. I had a GREAT time, we ate well and the company of the others in the group was wonderful. I didn't want to come home.
Here is my foot compared to the Moose track. I have a size 7.5 foot.

I left DD and DS at home with a friend. They had a good time to and since the house was still standing when I got back I decided that I could possibly, maybe go again next year. We will have to see...

3 days after I came back to reality was knitting group. We met and had a nice evening. I working on the shawl some more. I am also working on some sock that seem to have taken a back seat to everything else that I am doing. I tried to knit the Printed Silk Cardigan but after frogging it back 3 times decided to give up on it and make the Basic Cardigan with a few modifications instead. I decided to put a cable pattern up each side of the button band. I think I will wear this sweater alot more and I am feeling better about it. The other one was really stressing me out.

Work has been busy. There was quite a few things to catch up on after being gone for a week but it has been a good busy. I didn't know how much I needed the break till I was gone. I won't be waiting another 3 years before I take another one!

My poor dog, Tiger, pined for me while I was away. DD told me that he didn't eat for 2 days. She was getting quite worried, so she put peanut butter on his kibble to get him to worked. He looks like he lost a pound or 2, which is a good thing since he gets alot of treats from my customers every day. But we are back into our routine now and he is fine and eating well...oh yea, the customers are happy he is back too!

Well I don't know where September has gone, but now we are into October and things are just flying along.

I have received the Dog Days of Summer Sock Club kit from WoolGirl, It is Fabulous. I hope to start the socks very soon. I also received the Heels and Toes kit from Simply Sock Yarn Company, and the HandMaiden sock kit from Pick Up Sticks. I seem to have alot more socks to knit...too bad I am knitting sweaters and shawls at the moment! I really want to get back to socks. Winter is coming and my feet get VERY cold! I am just going to have to knit faster and more often. I try to knit every morning while DD and DS are getting ready for school. (I have an hour) then I have to get ready for work. It's not alot of time but at the end of the week it adds up.

I have also finished the Corset Tank Top. I just have to add the buttons down the front. I decided to permanently sew up the front and just have the buttons there for looks.

I received a wonderful gift in the mail from PurpleJenn. She sent me a Pay It Forward gift. OMG it is beautiful. She combed, dyed and spun yarn just for me! She also dyed sock yarn just for me too! There were quite a few other goodies (a tea towel, a coaster) in the package too! It was quite fun to open it and see them all. The sweets dissappeared as soon as I got home, DS has a sweet tooth!

I also finished a pair of 4 x 2 ribbed socks. I tried a new type of toe. I think it was the star toe. I didn't mind how it turned out. They were knit for my part time employee, J. They fit her perfectly and she was thrilled to receive them!. I was happy to knit them for her as I know she appreciates things like that.

Well I think that is about all for now. I will try to post a few more pictures of my completed projects in the next few days.

Happy Knitting and Hunting! (I am trying to combine the two!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where Has The Time Gone!

I can't believe that it has been more than a month since my last post. Where has the time gone. School will be starting in less than 2 weeks! WOO HOO.

A few weeks ago a group from my knitting group went to the Toronto Stitch and Pitch. The game was good and the Jays won in the bottom of the 9th inning, too bad we left at the bottom of the 8th when they were losing to catch the train home. We even made the evening news. We went to the big city early and went to a few yarn stores, Romni being the big one! OMG what a place! It really is overwhelming, beautiful and full of yarn, but definately overwhelming. I don't know that I could go there with out a project in mind. I wouldn't know where to look. The train ride home was the best! We had a BLAST. I don't think I have ever laughed as much as that ride home! Beth, Della, Kirsty, Kirsite and Sydney. Thank you ladies for making my trip to the big city a great one!
DH and I had a few days off the begeinning of August and we went to Bass Pro Store in Toronto. I always like to go there. They have alot of great storage cases in the fishing department. THIS beautiful statue is out front of the store and I just HAD to get a picture of him! In case you didn't know I am a lover and collector of anything moose! I told DH that I want this guy for my backyard! He thinks I am nuts!

On the knitting front. I have been busy. I knit 2 Baby Alligator scarves. One is a Christmas gift and the other was a just because gift.

I finished the Nine to Five socks that I was knitting. they are knit from Madelinetosh sock yarn in the Umoja colourway from Wool Girl. This has to be the best yarn to knit with. It is so soft and almost silky. It is now one of my favourites.

I finally finished my Feather and Fan Cardigan. I put buttons on it and blocked it. I have never been more disappointed with a sweater in my life. It stretched out SO much that I can't wear it! The only one it would fit has to be the size of an elephant. I even contacted the manufacturer of the yarn I used to see if there was a way to shrink it, but alas they said there was nothing I could do with out damaging the yarn. So I decided to frog it and knit the Printed Silk Cardigan from the Spring 2008 Interweave Knits magazine. I think it will be a better sweater because there is no lace pattern in it. It is the same look and style as the Feather and Fan which is what I want. I went back to the yarn store where I bought the yarn and explained the problem to her. She contacted the powers that be and they are taking my sweater from me and exchanging the yarn for me. They said that it shouldn't have happened and that they want a happy customer. So I have decided to knit the next sweater in Baby Bamboo as it has a bit of wool in it. I was so surprised that they would do that. I was sad to see my sweater go but happy to get started on the next one!

DD is still working on her BSJ for her friend. She has been traveling this summer. She was camping with her youth group up in Temagami for a week, then off to a friends cottage in Muskoka for a few days, now she is off the Freeport, Bahamas to visit her father for 2 weeks. She flew out of Buffalo last weekend and will be returning on Labour day weekend. School starts the Tuesday after she gets home and then that next weekend, she is off to a Highland Dance competition in Ligoner, PA. She is the only 15 year old that I know who travels that much!

We also in the last month, moved MIL into a condo. We have been getting the house ready to sell. It has been quite a task. They were in that house for over 40 years.

I have started another pair of socks. I am doing them in a 4 x 2 ribbing in some self striping yarn that I picked up in my travels. I can't remember the name. I started them for DH but when I was getting ready to turn the heel he went to try them on and he can't get them over his arch, so now they are for someone else! (I don't know who yet.) Someone will look in their mailbox one day and find a pair of socks. It worked out great last time. I will knit him another pair, only this next time I think I will use a DK or sport weight yarn and a larger needle.

I have also, in the meantime, started the Corset Tank Top by Anne Modesitt. I am using Estelle's 100% Silk Yarn. It is starting to look nice. I have finished the lace portion and am just past the armholes.

I am also PATIENTLY awaiting the next Sock Club parcel from WoolGirl. I have heard from people on Ravelry and from the sock club blog that it is amazing...I can hardly wait for mine to arrive!

Well I think that about catches me up for the last month. I have my knitting group this week. I am looking forward to it. Hopefully I won't be as long between posts.
Keep on Knitting!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Highland Dancing, Socks and More Highland Dancing!

Ok, I know it's been a while since I posted last. But life has been busy and I have been knitting!

Since my last post DD and I have been to the Embro Highland games on July 1st. DD competed in the Highland dancing and did very well. It was a very hot day. The bands were great and the dancing was wonderful. It was DD's first competition since November of last year. So we were pretty nervous about how she would make out. But all was well and the practicing paid off!

The winner of Who Fits These Socks was Alistair. His young male feet fit them perfectly! I will post a picture as soon as his mother can tie him down and take it!

I have been to my knitting meeting. We had a nice evening sitting laughing, knitting, talking, and eating. I find that if I can't make it to a meeting I really miss it! There is another one this Thursday evening. I can hardly wait!

I have been working every day and DH has been on 2 weeks holidays. So I have had lunch brought to me a few times. It was nice even though I haven't been home with him. I miss having time off with DH. Oh well I get to have 3 days with him in August and a week in September. I am very much looking forward to that time!

This past weekend DD, Della and her DD, and I went to the Cambridge Highland Games. We had a great day! the rain sort of held off. It drizzled a bit during the day but not too much. The dancing was late starting. We were to be there for 11 am and the organizers decided to do the Choreography competition before the regular competition. That caused the regualr dancing to start a bit late, at 2:30 instead of 11:30. We had a nice day in spite of the delay. The sun was out, the day was warm, the food was good and the company was excellent!. Both DD did well in the competitions. Overall it was a good day. Once we had packed everything up and finished loading the vehicle, the heaven's decided to open up and dump the rain. We were so grateful that it held off. There is nothing worse than having teenage girls dance in wet wool kilts and velvet vests!

In between all of the events going on, I have finished 2 pairs of socks, started another pair, frogged part of my Feather and Fan sweater and managed to get it back on track with it.

These are a pair of ankle socks that I knit using On Your Toes sock yarn. They are My FIRST 2 at a time toe up heel flap socks. I am happy with them and happy that I did them but I am STILL a fan of the 2 at a time top down version. They were knit for DD's friend. She is thrilled with them!

Here are Froggin ankle socks. They are from the Wool Girl Sock Club for the month of June. DD wanted them. She fell in love with the yarn when it arrived and told me I HAD to make them for her! The yarn is Dashing Dach's in the sport weight. The colourway is called Froggin. I like how they turned out. I have seen them in the laundry a few times now so I know they are liked!

I cast on another pair last week. I hate to be without a pair of socks on my needles. It's like the universe is wrong.

These are the Nine to Five socks. I am knitting them out of some yarn that I got a while ago from WoolGirl. It's Madelinetosh sock yarn in a fingering weight. The colourway is Umoja. 100% of the proceeds from this colorway will be donated to the Umoja Uaso Women's Group in Kenya.

The Umoja Uaso Women's Group in Kenya is an organization of indigenous Samburu women formed in 1990. This community advocates for and enables women's empowerment via HIV/Aids health education, children's education, political participation and community action.

I really liked the colours in it. and it was for a great cause. This yarn is so soft, it is almost sliky. It is a pleasure to knit with it. I would highly recommend this yarn for anyone who is looking to try something new. I am about to turn the heel on these. Hopefully I will be done in the next few days.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Knitting...Finally! and a Bit of Dancing.

Late on the 20th of June I got my WoolGirl Sock Club June Kit. OMG I was so happy as I was in between pairs of socks to knit and could start it right away. It was a beautiful kit. I loved all the little extras. Jen is great! DD fell in LOVE with the yarn and since she collects FROGS it seemed like the perfect match. The pattern is called Froggin and the yarn is the sportweight Dashing Dachs. I started the sock that weekend then got sidetracked with other things that Life tosses at you. and didn't get back to it until this last weekend. Needless to say this is taking a bit longer than I expected. AND to make matters worse. I got the leg done and started to work on the heel flap when DD tried it on...OMG it was too tight! So I ripped it out and started it again this morning. HOPEFULLY this time it will be okay, fortunately she only wants ankle socks.

These are the Sailors Delight socks from the book 2 At A Time by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. The yarn is Miss Babs Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sock & Baby Yarn in the colourway Woodland Viola. This yarn was so soft and wonderful to knit with. I loved it. The pattern was simple and weasy to memorize and they fit great! They have been done for a bit but I didn't get them posted.

These socks were knit this past weekend. The pattern is Thuja from Knitty and the yarn is a Finnish sock yarn I received in the World Yarn Swap. It is a thick warn sock yarn and I guess I didn't figure the needle size would make a huge difference. They were originally knit for my DH, but they wouldn't go over MY foot so DD thouht she would likehem. BUT alas they didn't fit her either, so they are going to the first person that they fit! We are going to the Embro Highland Games tomorrow and there are a few dancers that they may fit, so first come, first get! I will keep you posted as to whom the recipient is! It reminds me of Cinderella!

DD is dancing at the Embro Highland Games tomorrow. And since it is Canada Day and I will be closing my store I get to go with her! This is the first dance competition that she has been in since last November. I really enjoy the outside competitions as there is so much more to see at the highland games. If you have never been to one, you really should go at least oncec in your life! DD will be dancing 4 dances so I should be able to get a bit of knitting done as well.

This past weekend we had our end of the Dance Season BBQ. It was an enjoyable time, the food was great and the company was good. The kids had a great time 'swimming' in the hot tub! So now the only dancing will be the optional classes during the summer. DD has told me that she will only be going to a few, as she is going to camp for a week and then off to a friends cottage... I get to have most of my evening to myself at least until September when regular classes start again. WOO HOO!

Well off to work I go!

Have a great Canada Day tomorrow and to my friends south of the border...have a great Independance Day on Friday!

Happy knitting!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

All Tattoo and No Knitting!

Well another Tattoo has passed. It was a great success. The girls dancing was wonderful and the pipes and drums were fantastic. This is a picture heavy post...

This past week end was pretty much all Tattoo. I did have my knitting with me but it was too dark to knit!

Friday evening was a practice for the dancers and their pipe band for about 2 1/2 hours. It was really weird seeing the pipe band playing and marching in regular street clothes and not in their tartan uniforms. I have seen the girls dance before many times but never a pipe band out of uniform!

Saturday I worked until 3, so DD got a ride to the tattoo for 1:00. I finished work and DH, my father and I went to the performance that evening. It was a great tribute to our military men overseas! They also had all of the vetrans in the audience stand up. What a wonderful round of applause they received for their efforts. In addition to the traditional pipe and drum bands and the brass bands there was a group called Mackinaw. There were a Quebec step dance performance group. They were fantastic.

I met up with DD after the tattoo at 10:30 and we headed home.

Sunday, the dancers had to be there for 1:00, as the performance started at 2:30 and they needed to get ready. I helped do some of the girls hair and assisted them in getting ready. Once all that was done I got to go and watch the performance again.

After all the old and new friends were bid a fond farewell, we left about 6:00.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with friends, dancing, bagpipes, drums and no knitting! I truly enjoyed it but I hope to get some knitting done this week!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!