Saturday, October 25, 2008


Here are the pictures that I was supposed to post in my last blog.

This is the Corset Tank Top without the buttons. I am getting them and going to sew them on this weekend.

My FIRST turkey ever! I managed to make it almost 43 years without cooking one! and I baked home made dinner rolls to go with the thanksgiving turkey. It was all wonderful.

OH and I got the next Wool Girl Sock club box. OMG what a box it was. It is all so yummy and wonderful smelling. The theme is Cherry Blossoms, and THAT is what it all smelled like. The yarn is Yarntini in the plum blossom colourway. I will enjoy knitting this great smelling yarn!

I also received the last of the Simply Sock Yan Company's sock club this past week. It was a Heels and Toes club. AND Pick Up Sticks Sock Club installment arrived too! It's has been a good week for yarn! The Pick Up Sticks Club is for Fleece Artist and Handmaiden sock yarn. It too is gorgeous. I will try to take pics this week of all the yarn.

DD Finished the baby Surprise Jacket too! All she has to do is sew up the shoulders and stitch on the buttons. She is so happy with it.

She also started to knit a pair of socks on DPN's. Her friend, C, is teaching her how to knit them. I can show her the magic loop way but she wanted to learn on DPN's. Oh well ... she is doing well. I have showed her a few things when she was stuck. She seems to be enjoying it...good for her! Just because I don't like DPN's, I'm glad that she is giving them a try. I am very glad that DD has a good friend that is interested in some of the same hobbies and crafts as her.

Happy Knitting!


Vaedri said...

Wow - the corset looks great! Well, all the pictures do, really. :) Nice job!

Spalc said...

I remember the yarn being blue for the corset. It looks great though. I'm so impressed.

Tell Sid I can help with DPNs if necessary.

That is one full packed box for the sock club. If only I could keep up, I might join one!

A :-) said...

Now I'm hungry . . . and it's only 9:45 a.m. :-D That looks very yummy, and that corset came out really nice!

Jo said...

The corset looks great! Really love the color you chose. Looks like the Annie M. pattern I saw on Knitty Gritty. Oh, and the food looks good too. I'm in the mood for some homemade bread

Paula said...

The corset top fits perfectly! Kudos on your turkey and rolls also.