Monday, November 17, 2008

Knitting, Spinning and some Pictures

Wow, this blogging once a month has got to stop! I HATE how life keeps getting in the way of my knitting pleasures.

Quite a bit has happened AGAIN in the past month. On the yarn front, I have gotten a bit of it!. I have been a bad blogger in not telling you what I received WHEN I received it!.

Della and I joined a Heels and Toes sock club from Simply Sock Yarn Company. It was a 3 Month club and these are what we received. There was a Lorna's Laces pair, a SKnitches set, and Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Heather pair. They are all lovely and I am going to make DH a pair of socks from the Sheldridge Farm set. I have yet to make a pair with different Heels or toes. I am looking forward to trying a NEW technique, "the afterthought heel".

I also found out that I won the monthly draw for the Sock a Month 6. I got some great yarn from QuteCowGirl, a stitch marker and a dog tag with the Kitchener Stitch on it. It is all great and the yarn is so soft. I don't know what pattern I will knit with it yet but I'm sure it will tell me.

A few months ago I bought a Learn to Spin kit. I tried it and enjoyed it alot. The kit came with 1/2 pound of 3 different neutral colours and a drop spindle. They are nice but I wanted COLOUR. I spun quite a bit of the 3 colours and learned to ply them together from Kirstie of my Knitting group. I couldn't justify buying more roving until I had used most of the neutral stuff up. To do that faster, I decided to knit a pair of Thrummed Mittens.

I ended up plying a chunky yarn that I think will knit up like a ragg yarn. Our last Knitting get together was mostly about Spinning. Kirstie taught me how to ply the singles together. Then after DD got there she wanted to learn how to spin, so Kirstie taught her how to do that. We got quite a few stares and comments from the people sitting around us at the cafe we were at.

Sorry about the blurry picture. I will take a better photo of just the yarn.

Kirstie and her BEAUTIFUL skein that she spun in the class she took.

DD and her first hand at plying. She is now trying spinning and really likes it.

And here is the roving that I bought in COLOUR. Yay! I have since spun and plied it into yarn. I will post a pic tonight.

I figured since I had spun MOST of the boring colours that I could buy a bit more roving. I chose a bright green, bright pink and a blue. The colours are not true in the picture, sorry. I love them! I spun them as solid singles and then plied the 3 together and I really like it. I was trying for a sock type yarn but ended up with a sort of heavy worsted weight. Oh well maybe the next skein will be closer to sock weight. THAT is my goal to spin and knit myself a pair of socks. Until then I will just have fun and maybe take up knitting scarves and hats!

I FINALLY got the buttons for my Corset Tank Top and DD's Baby Surprise Jacket. I never realized how much buttons actually cost! There is something to be said for a shawl pin to keep sweaters closed!

Tiger and I have been hard at work lately...this is us working on the computer getting quotes out to potential customers.

Also, DD's best friend, CC's grandmother passed away this past weekend. So it has been pretty somber around our house. I was asked to bake a plate of goodies for the reception after the funeral, as Grandma was quite the baker and crafty person. And they just can't bring themselves to buy that sort of thing. I feel honoured to be able to do a small part. She is the one that taught CC how to knit and do all of the crafty others things that she does. I know that she will be missed greatly by her family and I hope that she rests in peace...

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Beth said...

The blurry picture was all me stealing your camera from your purse. I will learn! I promise!

That's a lot of sock yarn. I know you will get through it.

I may come to visit you tomorrow.