Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photo Catch up...

Here are the photos of the projects that I completed during Ravelympics, Sock Wars and Test Knitting...

My Ravelympics projects were of the Shawl kind. I was part of Team Sketchy.

I knit The Shawl of Cables using Berroccos Ultra Alpaca in a purple heather colourway. I LOVE this shawl. It was a challenge since the chart was confusing, but I persevered and completed it.

I also managed to finish my La Cumparsita Shawl that I started back in October....This is an elegant shawl that I think will look stunning with a little black dress. Now I just need to go out somewhere so I can wear it! *LOL*

For SockWars, I ended up knitting 2 complete from scratch pairs of socks in the "Don't Box Me In" pattern.

And in return I received a pair of Death Socks knit in the same pattern...They were dyed just for me. The colour is perfect!

I also knit DH a pair of basic ribbed socks because I was knitting for me. This way it keeps him happy and me too!

I also Test Knit a pattern for a pair of socks for a designer on Ravelry. I used Fiesta Baby Boom yarn in the Snow colourway. I really like this yarn.

That about brings you all up to date on my knitting habit!
Happy Days...

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Dead!

Ok...for the past month I have been waiting for the Socks in Progress for Sock Wars. I have been reading the forums for Sock Wars on Ravelry and trashtalking with the best of them. Well today they FINALLY arrived...along with my Death Socks! UGH!!!

I knew as soon as I saw my mailman coning into my store with 2 packages that they were for me and not my mailbox customers. I don't know how I knew, but I just knew.

The socks are lovely. They were dyed a beautiful purple colour for me by Wonderrachel on Ravelry. She managed to get 1 sock knit before she was taken out...She then sent them off to eberkey, who in turned finished the other sock. They both did a wonderful job. I will always treasure my Death socks! To ease the blow I also received some candy 'Peeps' and a skein of Wendy Happy bamboo sock yarn. Thank you both.

So now I have to forward the SIP's onto the next assassin in line so that they can finish them and kill the recipient.

At least my knitting is now for my family and I and the time constraint is DEFINATELY not there anymore.

Rest in Peace and Keep on knitting!