Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Still Alive!!!

Ok, so I heard that my Assassin was killed yesterday and that she didn't quite finish my Death Socks. She will be mailing the Socks In Progress (SIP) tomorrow to her assassin to finish.

The yarn from my Target is on it's way to me, to start knitting the socks to kill my Target's Target.

Hopefully the yarn will get here before the weekend, that way I can get the pair started and completed. If the yarn arrives next week it will be a stretch to get them finished and mailed off to Australia.

I just have to hurry up and wait in the meantime I started a pair of Embossed leaves socks...

Knit on...War is Hell....or at least Warm Socks! *LOL*

Monday, January 25, 2010

Let the Battle Begin...

OK, so Sock Wars officially started on January 15th at 8 pm. The 4 Sketchies who were entered decided to get together and have a Cast-On party of sorts. One of our beloved warriors was not able to attend but we had cheerleaders....there were 3 warriors and 6 cheerleaders! Man, you gotta love our Sketchy support system!

We got the support to cast on the Death socks and we had lots of nibbly treats as well! There were 4 patterns to choose from. I chose the "Don't Box Me In" pattern. It has a bit of lace design to it, without being too, too.

My Target is in Washington state and has a size 9 foot. I started with the ribbing using Trekking Hand Art Flame yarn in the Borneo (560) colourway. I wasn't sure at first about using that yarn but as the sock progressed I really didn't want to send it off! I fell in love with the pattern and the colour.

The pattern was well written and simple to follow. I left our Cast-on party to return home where I continued to knit for a few hours. Saturday morning I awoke at 9am and started knitting. DH kindly made me coffee and breakfast so that I could continue the battle. Lunch and dinner were also offered...

Said Battle raged on for the balance of Saturday and then continued into Sunday. I believe that I finished the socks aroud dinner time Sunday. I got them all packaged up with a few treats and sent them off on Monday morning.

My Target received them on Wednesday, much to her demise. So here I sit waiting, a full week later for the socks in progress (well, yarn actually, as my Target didn't even start the socks for HER Target). OH I am now at the Mercy of the postal system. I only hope that my Assassin doesn't get MY death socks done and sent out to me before I get a chance to receive my Target's.

Well, I'm off to check the mail....hopefully I will still be alive for a few more days!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas is Over ~ Sock Wars is About to Begin!

WOW!! Now that Christmas is over I can finally relax and enjoy my non working time again! My business is packaging and shipping and since alot of people send gift to family and friends I was crazy busy during the month of December. It was really busy between Christmas and New Year's as well. But it has slowed a bit and I can breathe again at work.

I have been busy knitting. I knit shawls/scarves and slippers for Christmas, and a few hats too!

Almost everyone got something knitted this year, which was quite surprising since I was so busy at work.

Christmas dinner was at our house. This was my first Christmas dinner where we stayed home and cooked it. We had all of the in-laws over. Dinner was good, dessert was too much, but the company was enjoyable. After dinner we all went downstairs for the gift exchange. There was 6 females that I knit shawls for. Everyone opened their respective gifts and thanked me. One of them was not quite as enthusiastic as I would have liked. So I asked her if the shawl was ok? She replied with a meek 'Yes', but that she really didn't like the colour. One of the others mention that she Loved that colour, and then it began.....

I went upstairs and got 2 more shawls that I had made and offered them to whom ever wanted them. The basic rule was that they could leave with ONE shawl. I was not upset that they were less than happy with the one I had picked for them. I just wanted everyone to have one that they truly liked! Shawls were being tried on and tossed to each other to get a better look. at one point 2 of the women each had 2 shawls on. One was carefully hidden under the other in hopes that I wouldn't see it. No such luck! I made them each choose one! It was hilarious. DH was not really sure that the women were going to be into the shawls when I was knitting them. His 2 DD's were 2 of the recipients. But he was quite shocked at the carrying on and found it funny too.

In addition to everyone leaving with their shawls, 2 pairs of socks and a pair of fingerless gloves left with our guests.

I also found out from the neices and stepchildren that some of the gifts I have made in the past are STILL being used and are truly loved! Knowing THAT was my best gift this year!

Sock Wars is starting on January 15th. I received my dossier for my target today. There are 4 of us from my knitting group taking part. 2 vetrans and 2 newbies. It should be fun, we are getting together at one of the girls house on Friday evening to do a group cast on. DH will be at work Friday evening, and then he is going to the Motorcycle Show on Saturday, so I can knit all day! I do have to work for a few hours on Saturday but since I am the boss I can knit when no one is in the store! *LOL*

I will try to post some pictures soon. No promises though Since the War starts on Friday!

Keep on Knitting!