Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas is Over ~ Sock Wars is About to Begin!

WOW!! Now that Christmas is over I can finally relax and enjoy my non working time again! My business is packaging and shipping and since alot of people send gift to family and friends I was crazy busy during the month of December. It was really busy between Christmas and New Year's as well. But it has slowed a bit and I can breathe again at work.

I have been busy knitting. I knit shawls/scarves and slippers for Christmas, and a few hats too!

Almost everyone got something knitted this year, which was quite surprising since I was so busy at work.

Christmas dinner was at our house. This was my first Christmas dinner where we stayed home and cooked it. We had all of the in-laws over. Dinner was good, dessert was too much, but the company was enjoyable. After dinner we all went downstairs for the gift exchange. There was 6 females that I knit shawls for. Everyone opened their respective gifts and thanked me. One of them was not quite as enthusiastic as I would have liked. So I asked her if the shawl was ok? She replied with a meek 'Yes', but that she really didn't like the colour. One of the others mention that she Loved that colour, and then it began.....

I went upstairs and got 2 more shawls that I had made and offered them to whom ever wanted them. The basic rule was that they could leave with ONE shawl. I was not upset that they were less than happy with the one I had picked for them. I just wanted everyone to have one that they truly liked! Shawls were being tried on and tossed to each other to get a better look. at one point 2 of the women each had 2 shawls on. One was carefully hidden under the other in hopes that I wouldn't see it. No such luck! I made them each choose one! It was hilarious. DH was not really sure that the women were going to be into the shawls when I was knitting them. His 2 DD's were 2 of the recipients. But he was quite shocked at the carrying on and found it funny too.

In addition to everyone leaving with their shawls, 2 pairs of socks and a pair of fingerless gloves left with our guests.

I also found out from the neices and stepchildren that some of the gifts I have made in the past are STILL being used and are truly loved! Knowing THAT was my best gift this year!

Sock Wars is starting on January 15th. I received my dossier for my target today. There are 4 of us from my knitting group taking part. 2 vetrans and 2 newbies. It should be fun, we are getting together at one of the girls house on Friday evening to do a group cast on. DH will be at work Friday evening, and then he is going to the Motorcycle Show on Saturday, so I can knit all day! I do have to work for a few hours on Saturday but since I am the boss I can knit when no one is in the store! *LOL*

I will try to post some pictures soon. No promises though Since the War starts on Friday!

Keep on Knitting!


A :-) said...

Happy New Year! Good luck in Sock Wars :-)

Paula said...

Love the idea of the shawl frenzy at Christmas. Your Aestlight is lovely. I'm working on the border of my second one now.

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