Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Knitting, Thanksgiving and the Boy!

Sorry, it's been a while again since my last post. I just can't seem to get into the groove of blogging right now. I don't know why. I have no excuse. Maybe I just want to knit instead...not that bad a choice of activities I guess but I will try to be more consistent, maybe at least once a week.

Life has been busy. DD got a new job and seems to like this one. She is very happy to be out of the food business! This job is in Organization...funny DS is working for that same type of business too. Unfortunately they both are NOT organized! Hopefully maybe that will change!

We have been cleaning up around the outside of the house. We have a few rather large trees in and around our back yard. The other night we scooped up 3 bags of leaves and by the next morning it looked like we did nothing. I am NOT a fan of trees and leaves, but I love Fall best of all! It is my favourite season. Fortunatly we closed and covered the pool BEFORE we went hunting so there are no leaves in the pool. Small blessings!

On the knitting front. I have been knitting quite a bit though although you wouldn't know it from the lack of pictures. I have finished knitting the 'parts' of my basic cardigan but I have yet to block it. After that I have to sew it together and then pick up the stitches for the button band! Maybe if I blog here about it I will actually get the blocking done. I mean if I make a promise to others then I HAVE to keep that promise rather than just not doing it. I figure if I am accountable to someone out there then it will get done.

I still haven't sewn on the buttons for the Corset tank top or the second Calorimetry or the Tudora. I am really slacking here! They are all finished except for the easy part...the buttons. I will try to get that done by the weekend. Again I need the accountability.

I am almost finished the Springgrass socks that I have bene working on. The Leaf shawl is still in progress and DD is FINALLY back working on her Baby Surprise Jacket. I will attempt to take some pictures this week and post them here for all to see.

Thanksgiving weekend was great. We had the best weather we could have ever wanted for that time. It was gorgeous out. DH and I decided to cook the turkey this year. MIL and DH's brother and sister and their families came for dinner. We had so much food it was great. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, turnip, gravey, homemade baked buns and pie for dessert. This was my first turkey that I helped to cook in my life. I would definately do it again. After everything was said and done I took the carcass and made turkey soup. I love my crockpot. The soup turned out to be divine! We had it the next day for lunch.

DS is finished his driving lessons and is taking his G2 test the middle of November. The G2 license lets him drive alone, without me or some other licensed driver in the front seat beside him. I get that it's part of growing up and being independent but I am not sure that I am ready for THAT yet. Oh well it is going to happen so I guess I had better get on board!. He is quite a good driver. I am not that nervous beside him anymore. I think that it will just be practice that will make me more comfortable. He has informed me that once he gets his full license he will drive me EVERYWHERE. I told him that he could do that now. He is 17. He is a responsible boy but I do remember him when he was my little baby and THAT is what I am having a hard time with. He also wants to take another year of high school to get the extra credits that he feels will get him into university. I guess that gives me another year of having him around here before he goes off to university. Thank you again for small blessings!

As my birthday approaches I have been thinking about how my life would be if I had made other choices. Hindsight is 20/20 vision. I always figured that I would be in a different place by this time. I am turning 43 andthat makes you rethink the things and choices that you made. I have always lived by the motto, "that if you are not happy then change the things". I got divorced, dumped the next guy who made me unhappy, moved to better our lives and changed jobs to be happy. Now I seem to have it all worked out. I am in a great relationship with DH, my kids are settled in life and school and are doing well, my family is all well and we are happy. I have no regrets about the way my life has turned out, however if I could do it again I would make a few changes (education choice and maybe employment opportunities)...wouldn't we all...

Happy Knitting!

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beth said...

I want to see the corset top, so get buttons on it and wear it to knit knite next time. I'll be done my exam so I'll be free and easy!