Sunday, June 15, 2008

All Tattoo and No Knitting!

Well another Tattoo has passed. It was a great success. The girls dancing was wonderful and the pipes and drums were fantastic. This is a picture heavy post...

This past week end was pretty much all Tattoo. I did have my knitting with me but it was too dark to knit!

Friday evening was a practice for the dancers and their pipe band for about 2 1/2 hours. It was really weird seeing the pipe band playing and marching in regular street clothes and not in their tartan uniforms. I have seen the girls dance before many times but never a pipe band out of uniform!

Saturday I worked until 3, so DD got a ride to the tattoo for 1:00. I finished work and DH, my father and I went to the performance that evening. It was a great tribute to our military men overseas! They also had all of the vetrans in the audience stand up. What a wonderful round of applause they received for their efforts. In addition to the traditional pipe and drum bands and the brass bands there was a group called Mackinaw. There were a Quebec step dance performance group. They were fantastic.

I met up with DD after the tattoo at 10:30 and we headed home.

Sunday, the dancers had to be there for 1:00, as the performance started at 2:30 and they needed to get ready. I helped do some of the girls hair and assisted them in getting ready. Once all that was done I got to go and watch the performance again.

After all the old and new friends were bid a fond farewell, we left about 6:00.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with friends, dancing, bagpipes, drums and no knitting! I truly enjoyed it but I hope to get some knitting done this week!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!


purplejen said...

I love the photo's. They're certainly smarter looking than the highland dancers I've seen here.

Paula said...

Great photos of the Tattoo! Sounds like a great weekend!

A :-) said...

Wow - wish I could have seen this. I'm sure it was just amazing!!