Monday, April 6, 2009

I Got It Figured Out...

OK, so since I last blogged, I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong with the sleeves on the Durrow Sweater....Well Della arrived and we I figured it out. I was reading the chart wrong...I was reading it from right to left every row instead of right to left then left to right! OMG!! It was something so silly that neither Della or Beth even thought about it. I have never used a chart before, but now that I figured it out....well I may do it again! DH is very happy that his sweater is not going to be totally Amish...LOL

Here are the sleeves. I am so impressed that I did this! I think it looks great for my first cables.

I have one more repeat to do then I close the cables and attached the sleeves to the rest of the sweater! Woo Hoo!
Below is a picture of the basement floor. It was originally a Fred Flintstone hearth that we ripped out. Now it is beautiful hardwood floor. There will eventually be a gas stove on it. This was my FIRST attempt ever at laying down hardwood flooring....and I am pretty happy with the results! It looks great and solves the problem that we had.

Next step is calling for quotes to have the stove installed....I'll keep you posted!
Happy Knitting!


A :-) said...

Your cables look great! So does your floor - Wow!

vivian said...

Can't wait to see the finished sweater. The sleeves look fantastic.