Saturday, April 5, 2008

Knitting and Dance Exams

Well, It's Saturday I am sitting at work and I didn't get the Charade socks done yet! I am about an inch away from being done..I guess I will finish them tonight!

On Tuesday evening, I gave our dance teacher back the repaired highland socks and she was amazed! I was so glad that she was happy with them. Alot of the dance mom's that were there couldn't believe that it was the same sock. I guess I did a good job!

I knit for a bit the rest of the week in the evenings and DD, Della and I went to our Burloak knitters group on Thursday. DD was able to go this week as dance class was cancelled due to Highland Dance Exams taking place at the studio on Thursday and Friday. We had a great evening, full of laughter and even some knitting. DD is even planning on knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket for who? No one know but she wants to give it a try!

DD' s exams were on Friday and she did wonderfully. She was happy with her abilities and so was the teacher. DD took her final Highland, final National and Elementary Theory and a Hornpipe exam. Next year she takes her Associates exam, which will allow her to teach. I spent the day at the studio helping the girls get ready for each exam. There were a few costume changes and hair issues to be dealt with. The Examiner was here from Texas, she is a lovely lady who very much enjoyed all of the girls. It was a wonderful, relaxing day that was spent with friends!. AND the dance teacher kind of hinted that DD's results were very good. (but the OFFICIAL results won't be back from Scotland until the late summer)

Out of that came another pair of holey toe dance socks to be repaired. This pair is no where near as damaged as the other pair but still has holes in it.

And DS still wants me to get his Harris Tweed socks started.

Tomorrow, I think DH, Della and I are going to go to the Toronto Wine and Cheese Show. (Well DH is going to go to the Motorcycle Show) We all went last year and had a blast. That was where I learned to like wine. Apparently I haven't stopped or slowed down yet! LOL I keep finding wines that I like!


A :-) said...

Love that you could fix those socks!! And congrats on daughter's exams :-) I went to bagpipe came at Oberlin one summer and the biggest part of the camp was the highland dancers. They were great!

A :-) said...

Bagpipe CAMP. Geez - I tried to edit, but I couldn't get back. Sorry - Bagpipe CAMP :-D

Dalila said...

People should read this.