Monday, April 14, 2008

Knitting, World Yarn Swap and Stuff

Although I have been busy but don't seem to have a lot to show for it. I have been busily knitting for my PIF and socks for DS.

Last Tuesday I had the day off work. I ran errands most of the day. I went to work to get a few things done (yes, I work on my day off) then I got to go to The Wool Bin in Oakville, to check out their big sale! I wasn't going to buy anything but I was seduced by Koigu at 50% off. I ended up buying 2 skeins of KPPM sock and 2 skeins of Kersti, in addition to another ball if self striping sock yarn. I can't remember exactly what brand it was. OH yea and I got DD a few balls of Mission Falls for her to knit up a hat or scarf.While I was there I also met up with Kirstie from my Burlington Knitting group...she was lured by the beautiful sock yarns as well.

I left there and went to Spun Fibre Arts and if my memory serves (sometimes I wish it wouldn't!) I think I bought something there too! I like having days off but I seem to spend money on them! LOL

At dance class that night, I went through the dance costume closet and found quite a few more socks that are in dire need of repair. I decided on 2 pairs for now though as I don't want to overwhelm myself.

Wednesday evening I did a bit of knitting and Thursday I did more as I sat a dance class waiting for DD's classes to be over (3 hours). I usually hate to wait around but it is here that I get the uninterrupted knitting time. I kept switching back and forth between my PIF and Josh's socks.

In my surfing the internet, I found a Beautiful sweater. It is in the "Make It Modern" booklet by Classic Elite. It is the Feather and Fan Cardigan. I have never made a sweater for me before, only for the kids when they were babies. THIS one I want to make. So I found the pattern at The Needle Emporium and my friend Della went to pick it up for me as I seem to be at work when these great stores are open. I am not going to use the suggested yarn but rather a more cost effective one that is similar. I will let you know when I start...which will hopefully will be soon.

The weekend was sort off quiet. I worked on Saturday and on Sumday after I dropped off DD to work and got DS up for his work, DH and I went off to Guelph. We went to a few stores looking for motorcycle stuff. One of the stores was Leather by Mann. They are getting out of their clothing and accessories line and only selling furniture so they had a great 40% off sale. I found a great leather jacket and so did DH. The prices were too good to pass up for a quality jacket! The front hall closet now smells like a leather's great!.

This past week I received my World Yarn Swap from JohannaL in Finland. Johanna spoiled me with all sorts of sock yarn. It is beautiful and my kids have already picked out what they want me to knit for them! The only thing missing from the picture is the huge chocolate bar that was eaten before I could get it photographed.

Josh's socks are turning out pretty good. I am doing the Harris Tweed pattern with the self striping yarn. It is an easy to remember pattern, but the boy has big feet and it is taking me a little while to get it done!

DD did a bit of knitting this week too! She knit up these baby booties. For her first attempt at something other than a hat or scarf she did a great job! She even has a recipient for them!

Well I am working today but tomorrow is my my day off again and I intend to get some house cleaning done as well as knitting!

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Paula said...

What a lovely package from your swap partner. Your socks are looking good and your daughter's booties also. I know what you mean about sock sizing. My husband's feet are twice the size of mine so I am less inclined to embark on socks for him.

That's exciting that you are starting on a sweater for yourself. I haven't made a sweater for myself in a long time but I have knitted shawls, socks and mittens for myself recently