Monday, April 7, 2008

2 Pairs Finished and a Bottle of Wine!

Ok, so this weekend was absolutely beautiful! We so needed to see the sun and the warmer days. I thought that winter was going to continue until July! But it seems to have been shoved out of the way for Spring.

Today and last night were VERY productive.

Last night I finished one of the highland dance socks that was in need of repair. It turned out pretty good. I used ToFutsies yarn in a purple colourway, as it was close to the purple marl in the socks and DD decided that it should be that colour. (who am I to argue with DD). This evening I completed the other one. The pair are now ready to be returned to their owner and the dancing can begin again! I think I will continue to see if any more socks are in need of repair. I seem to be able to fix them pretty quick and I don't mind doing it.

Also today, I finished my Charade socks. I basically had the last few rows of the toes to do and to kitchener stitch them off. I really like them. They turned out great. I LOVE the yarn. It's the first time that I knit with alpaca sock yarn and I would DEFINATELY use it again. I am looking forward to wearing them tomorrow.

I completed the 2 pairs of socks in between going to the Toronto Wine and Cheese show today!. DH, Della and I headed off this morning to attend the show. (Well, DH was going to the Motorcycle show). We arrived just after noon and went out separate ways then. Della and I had a blast. We tried many new wines, some we enjoyed a few times and some we did not. We learned about cheese, ate some good food and laughed quite a bit. We both found a new favourite one. We even had DH stop by the LCBO in Milton on our way home to buy a bottle or 3. LOL

DH on the other hand, was a little dissappointed with the Motorcycle show. Not as many motorcycles as he thought. Who would have thought that there would only be a few bikes there...He was done with his show about 2 hours before we were and he waited in the vehicle, people watching until we were done. Gotta love the guy! OH yea ...I DO!!!

A note to DS...I promise I will cast on your Harris Tweed socks next!

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