Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well I had 2 tasks this past week...one is done and the other I am still working on!

I was asked by our dance teacher, (in jest only) if I could repair a highland dance sock that was returned with no toe. I had a look at it and was quite skeptical about it but thought to myself. "What do I have to lose. The sock is useless if I don't give it a try! And since they are very expensive to have made...why not give it a try". I told the teacher that it may not be pretty and definately wouldn't be the same as it's mate. but she was okay with that. So I tried and this is what I finished with. It really is a wonderful feeling when you can bring something back from the dead! I only wish that I had taken a before picture of the toeless sock so that you could see the total devastation that I was starting with. But alas, I didn't have a camera with me when I started and couldn't stop...the camera situation will change with the income tax refund! LOL

I am VERY happy with how they turned out! Now the kilt that these socks belong to can be worn again, instead of sitting there with no socks to match it. I think that the dance studio has a few more pairs that are in need of repair (none as bad as this one was) and I may offer to repair them as well. We'll see what happens when I give them back to the teacher tonight at dance class!

I have managed to turn the heel on my Charade Socks. I am LOVING this yarn and pattern together. They seem to work in harmony and not conflict in any way! This yarn is wonderful to work with. It is so soft and doesn't seem to split at all. It is Estelle Arequipa yarn. It has alpaca in it! I will DEFINATELY look for this yarn in other colourways!

I want to try to get these socks done by the weekend as DS is asking where his socks are. (I was supposed to make them before I made these...OOOOPS) So I will start them this weekend. He has decided that he would like the Harris Tweed socks done in the blue self patterning yarn that I have in my stash, Fortissima Colori Socka yarn in a Blue colourway. I hope the pattern looks good with the yarn. I'm sure it will...if not DS will wear and love them anyways! LOL

It's been raining here the past few days and the sun has NOT been out so Tiger has been hiding under his blanket and everytime he gets comfy, DD has to disturb him! Poor dog look what he has to endure!

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Opal said...

What a great job you did on the toe of the kilt hose! I love the way your Charades look. Such pretty yarn. :)