Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Baby is Growing Up! and I'm Not sure I'm Ready!

DD arrived home Sunday March 16 from her winter camping trip up in Haliburton. From all the stories I have been hearing I have to say that Snowshoeing camp was successful. AND she even brought something to knit while she was away!

Tuesday, DS informed me that he wanted to get his G1. So he and I jumped in the van and headed over to the DriveTest Center. DS stood in line and did what he had to do to get it done! I sat in the waiting area and knit my socks. He wrote the test and passed with no problems. DS is now in possession of a Temporary drivers license. He is patiently awaiting the permanent card version to arrive in the mail.

I thought I was ready for this but now I'm not so sure... On Good Friday I promised him that I would take him out for a 'driving lesson'. He was SO excited. We went to the local mall parking lot and he drove around there for about an hour. DS did really well. He backed into a parking spot, drove around obstacles and a few other thing that I could think of. Basically he got used to my vehicle.

A few evenings later he drove on the road, from our house to the local Starbucks. It is a good thing that DH has nerves of steel. He sat in the front with DS. I sat in the back. I think that sitting in the back seat is a really bad thing because I have NO control of what happens in the front! My nerves were shot! The boy did really well for his first time on the road, only 1 sort of close call but nothing serious and DH fixed the problem. But in defense of the boy it was dark out AND his first time on the road with other traffic. I think it will take a few more times out before I feel a bit more comfortable with the whole idea of my baby driving! He is planning on taking driving lesson from a professional too!.

Saturday evening we (DH and I), went to visit MIL. We took her out to dinner for her birthday. It was a lovely evening.

This year DD's 15th birthday landed on Easter Sunday, so we celebrated BOTH. We went to my Dad's for dinner. It was great! Dinner was to die for and the company was good.

Della and I went to our LYS in Ancaster. It was the first time I had been there. It was a great place. The yarn that they have was amazing. I have not seen that much sock yarn in one store before. I joined the World Yarn Swap again on Ravelry. I got few thing 'Canadian' from there. I hope my Finnish girl likes what I got for her!

On Tuesday Mar. 26 I finished DH's Gentlemans socks. They seemed to take a bit longer than usual but then I don't knit size 11 that often. I am happy with how they turned out. I like the colours and pattern together. They don't to conflict with each other.

On Tuesday evening, while waiting for DD at dance class I started a new pair of socks.


I started the Charade socks. I REALLY like this pattern. It looks really cool and is very easy to memorize. I am using Arequipa yarn that is made with alpaca. Man is it soft! I love the colourway. I wasn't sure when I bought the yarn if I would like it our not, but I do. It has browns in it and some subtle pinks and purples. The pattern is a simple enough one but looks a little more sophisticated than a plain stockinette sock.

Somewhere in the middle of my hectic, nervewracking week DD, Della and I managed to go to our Knitting get together. The BurlOak knitters are a great group of Ladies! We had alot of laughs, a few giggles, some shocking and exciting news, oh yea, and we knit too!


purplejen said...

Sounds like your having a fab time, happy belated birthday to your dd.

A :-) said...

Where are you finding all these great sock patterns!! First Yukon Leaves, now Charade. My Yukon Leaves will be my April socks on the SAM5 KAL. :-)