Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Knitting Through the Unknown

I never really know what to say on this blog.

I have been knitting quite a bit since my last post. I finished the Kaibashira Socks and started the Maizy Lace Socks, completed week 7 on the CWS and am getting ready to start a pair of Gentleman's Socks for my DH. This is the colour that I am going to use. It is Austermann Step.

This past week has also been very long and tiring.

Last Tuesday evening, at DD's Dance class, I met with Della and we started on week 7 of the CWS. I am using a 60" long, 4mm Addi Needle and the stitches are getting a little too tight for me, so I decided to use 2 needles. I figure with the 60" one and a 40" one that it will be easier to move the stitches around. When I switch to the other needle I will be able to tak e a pictutre and post it here. It is not perfect but I am happy with it.

I have also been working on the Kaibashira Socks. I completed them on Wednesday. I really like the lacy look to them and I LOVE the colour.

On Thursday evening at the BurlOak knitters meeting I started the Maizy Lace Socks in Seacoast Hand Painted yarn. The colourway is Desert Rose and is so soft. It is a pleasure to work with. The pattern is working very well with this yarn.

Friday evening DH and I actually stayed at home. Well I did, DH had to work the midnight shift. He left for work during the start of a snow storm. What a night! The snow started during the dinner hour and continued for a few more hours. It stopped for a bit...then it really started. I had to go to work Saturday morning, so DD came with Tiger and I. We ended up closing the store by noon as no one had come in at all. All day Saturday the snow continued. Big flakes, small flakes, blowing snow, white out conditions, we had it all. It was the perfect evening to be inside knitting, and I did! DH and I watched a few movies. It was really nice. It snowed for like 24 hours straight! We ended up with about 30 cm of snow.

We awoke Sunday to something strange in the sky...the SUN! I
t was a beautiful, bright sunny day! We started to shovel our way out of the driveway. Fortunately the snow was very fluffy and light so shovelling went fast.

We, all 4 of us, were then off to visit the FIL. He is not doing well at all. The change from last week to this Sunday was drastic. He was not talking at all. It is all very sad, as a vital and funny man lay there looking lost and vacant. The anchor to the family is sinking fast and there is no life line we can throw to him. We visited with MIL, BIL, and a few cousins, sitting in the same room as FIL. I believe that he knows we were there. Leaving was a bit difficult...damn the unknown and inevitable.

Monday morning came very early, as I had to have DD at the camping pick up spot at 6:15am. She was very excited to be going as she has never winter camped before. She is gone until Sunday afternoon. While she was packing up her gear, she put in 2 balls of SWS and her prized Addi needles in to make a neck collar to keep out the cold. DD figured that she would have a few hours on the bus ride up and back to knit, as well as some free time up there. I was so proud! I will be curious to see if she finishes it while she is away.

Well that brings us up to today, Tuesday. I got up with DH this morning as he went to work at 6am. I decided that since it was my day off that I would knit. I have made great progress on the Maizy Lace socks. I have turned the heel and am working my way along the foot. I knit until about 9:30 when I decided to blog and update Ravelry. I have a few things to get done today, laundry and dishes, and then I will be knitting again. Then after DH's work at 3pm, we will be going back to see FIL. I don't have dance class tonight, as it's March break so we can go. I will bring my knitting with me.

Because ther eis no dance class tonight, Della and I decided to wait a week (since it is March Break) before we continue with the CWS. We both have a few things on the go that we would like to get done. So the pressure is off for this week.

Well I had better get moving or I won't have any time to knit! Apparently, I know what to say on my blog...

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purplejen said...

I love reading your blog! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you FIL and sending springtime vibes from a sunny but windy Glasgow.