Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Work, Knitting, Running Errands and Knitting Some More!

This past week was not too busy, yet it was crazy. My Monday started out like any other Monday, SLOW. Tuesday was my day off (except I worked again). I had dance and so did DD. I knit while waiting for DD to finish class. it was a nice evening. Wednesday was the get together of the Sketchy Knitters meeting. I love these people. They are supportive, fun and a blast to be around. DD was NOT able to attend this meeting as she was working at the same place we were meeting! Thursday was dance again and Friday evening I actually had nothing to do so DH and I went out for dinner! It was wonderful. We haven't been out for quite a while.

The weekend passed far too quickly. I worked on Saturday and then knit some more that evening. Sunday, DH and I did a few errands around town before we went to MIL's for a birthday dinner (DH's brother's B-day). It was a nice evening. Monday started all over again, work, rugby (DD). Tuesday (ACTUAL day off this week!) I knit, took Tiger to the vets, had lunch with DH, ran some errands, knit, shopped for shoes, knit some more and watched TV.

As for my knitting...

Well my PIF is on it's way. I sent it out today! I hope A:) likes it! I really enjoyed making it. It funny the way we look for ideas of what to make for someone we don't know. It is VERY important to make the right thing.

Highland socks are on the mend..again. 1 down 3 to go. This is what I started with...

and here is what I have now. The green is not exact but will never be seen inside a dance ghillie. I am so happy that I can repair these socks as they are worth quite a bit of money and to have to replace them is crazy!

DS's socks are done. They are knitted in the Harris Tweed pattern. I really enjoyed this pattern. It is simple enough yet not boring and makes a striping pair of socks a little dressier, yet the pattern and yarn don't compete!

Well, I am still patiently awaiting for the WoolGirl sock club to arrive. I am really excited to see what the package looks like. If it doesn't arrive soon I will have to cast on another pair and I will have to finish them BEFORE I start the Wool Girl ones.

I am also getting a bit irritated as some in the club have already completed their socks and we in Canada haven't received them yet! AND this morning I received an email telling me there is an error in the pattern and a replacement PDF pattern is attached.

I am starting the scary sweater. It is the Feather and Fan Cardigan from the Classic Elite Make It Modern booklet. It is a beautiful sweater but scary for me as I have never knit an adult sweater. I decided to work both sleeves at once because I want to make it about 2 inches longer than the pattern says. I decided to use Just Soya yarn instead of the classis Elite Soft Linen. Price was definately a factor in that decision and my inexperience at adult sweaters. I am so liking this yarn though, it is so soft and silky. I think it will look great when it's done.

I finally bought some new shoes. I have been looking for a while for shoes that would show my hand knit socks. I found them! They are a Mary Jane type and are so comfy. I really like the way they look with my socks!

Well work is starting to get a bit busier as moving season approaches, which is nice as it has been sort of slow lately and THAT is not good for a small business! DD is at a Rugby tournament today. I hope they do well and have fun or at the very least don't break anything!

Happy knitting to all this week!


A :-) said...

Oh my gosh!! Is that it? I can hardly wait for it to get here so I can see it in person. I had to stop the mail for a few days and it starts up again tomorrow . . . !!!

Paula said...

That is quite a mending project with those kilt hose! Good luck with that.

Your feet look very cute in your shoes. They are perfect for showing off handknitted socks!

MNKnit said...

Cute shoes! What kind are they??