Monday, February 25, 2008

Tuesday - A Day Off and Snow AGAIN!

Well it's snowing AGAIN! I can't believe how much snow we have in the past few weeks. I feel like I am living in the arctic! There is nothing wrong with living in the arctic, if you are actually there but I am in Burlington...we are not supposed to get this much snow. Even Tiger has been sleeping in his bed under the covers.

I have been productive knitting wise. I finished the RPM socks that I was working on. They are done in Colinette's Jitterbug in the Kingfisher colourway. It was the yarn that I received in the World Yarn Swap from Mairin in Ireland. I really like how they turned out and I LOVE the colour. The fit is pretty good and they are soft too. I would definately use the yarn again, as well as knit the pattern again. It was interesting enough to not be boring, but easy enough to do while watching TV or sitting as a passenger while DH was driving.

I also finished week 5 of the Civil War Shawl. I transferred the shawl to the larger needles and was able to take a better picture of it. Della and I will be starting week 6 tonight while our DD's are in dance class. One of the other dance mom's has started to knit socks while waiting for her DD to finish in dance class. It is really nice to see others doing what I enjoy and enjoying it too!

Last week I finally received the zipper box pouch that I ordered from Japanese Hand Made on Etsy. I absolutely love this bag. It holds my sock project and I can take it anywhere. It is perfect. The colour and fabric is beautiful! Satomi did a great job on it. I will definately order more in the future. My DD has hinted at wanting one...maybe for an upcoming occassion.

I started another pair of socks Sunday evening. I looked at my stash and the available patterns that I have and was totally confused. I wanted a pattern tath would work with the yarn that I have. I finally found it. I decided to knit the Kaibashira socks. The designer, Chrissy Gardiner, was inspired after a trip to Japan. They are named after sushi and knit in Tofutsies. I just happened to have some ToFutsies yarn in my stash in a sort of pink orange colourway and I thought it would be perfect for these socks. They are starting to look neat with the lace effect. The yarn also lends itself to a lace pattern. It is light and airy and will look great as these socks.

Well, I am going to go and enjoy my day off. I want to get a bit more of these socks done before tonight's dance class and the Civil War Shawl. Enjoy the Day...I know I will!

Drop Stitch Knitter is having a contest...check it out!


A :-) said...

Beautiful!! Love the colors - Do you like working with Tofutsies? The shawl is going great guns, too! It's snowing here again, too. . .

The Knitted Squirrel said...

I like using ToFutsies but I have noticed that there is NO stretch or give with the yarn.

Paula said...

We're having a very snowy winter also. Your shawl is looking great!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Beautiful knits - and I love my little bag from Japanese Handmade - they are gorgeous!