Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Enough Already!

Enough already! We have enough snow! I have shovelled it until I ache! The snow can go now. It looks pretty when it is falling and the trees are covered but that's about it. Driving sucks and shovelling sucks.

My daughter and I tried to go to our dance class last night and waited at the stop lights for 20 minutes. There was so much traffic and the roads were crap. The highway was parked in both directions for as far as the eye could see. So we turned around and went home.

DH had a fire going when we arrived back home. It was lovely in the house...nice and warm! He and I sat down on the couch and enjoyed the fire while we watched TV and I knitted.

Since I didn't get to my Tuesday dance class, Della and I didn't get together to work on our Civil War Shawls. But we talked on the phone and agreed to continue with week 4. I knit last night and got to row 78. Week 4 ends at row 89 so I still have a bit to go but I shouldn't have a problem with it.

Yesterday morning I worked on the Fluted Banister socks and managed to turn the heel. I am working my way along the foot, they are going fairly quickly. I decided not to give my DD the Jacobean socks (I liked them too much!) so I told her she could have these. She is so in love with the colour pooling!.

Well I should get back to work...I still have to shovel oout front of my store!

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Paula said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying yours. Regarding the knitting of 2 socks at the same time via the Magic Loop, what book would you recommend so I can learn this? Did you teach yourself or learn from another person? So far I have figured out knitting on two circular needles and the Magic Loop.