Thursday, February 21, 2008

Knitting Meeting and the Lunar Eclipse

Last night Della and I went to our regular knitting group get together. This time we changed it up a bit and met on Wednesday ( so my DD could attend). So from here on out we will meet every other week, one will be Wednesday and the other on Thursday. My DD really enjoyed herself. We talked about everything under the sun. It was very nice, the company was Excellent and the food was good too! I worked on my Civil War Shawl for a bit then switched to my RPM socks. DD was working on a pair of leg warmers for her cousin (who is 5). DD has, in the past, knit quite a few different hats, in addition to a pair of legwarmers for herself and a scarf. She is doing very well and wants me to take a few pictures of her stuff and post it here. So here they are.

I have been working on my Civil War Shawl. Della and I are finishing week 5, however I was having some trouble with row 94. We were going to try to figure out what my problem was. I ended up frogging that row out twice!. But then I went to the group on Yahoo and found the answer to my problem, complete with photo. So alas, the problem was fixed and we are back on track. We decided to wait until Tuesday to continue onto Week 6, as we both have other projects on the go and would like to get them done.

I have turned the heel on the RPM socks that I am knitting. They are looking really neat. The colour is really looking rich.

I received my order from Sheri at the Loopy Ewe. I was so excited when the mailman arrived with my package. I believe that I actually squealed! It was a good thing that I had no customers in my store at the time. I swear the mailman thinks I'm nuts! I ordered Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the colourway 'Pickle Juice' and Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in the Colourway 'Twilight'. They are beautiful and so soft.

Last night was also the Lunar Eclipse. It was amazing. DD and I got home from our knitting get together in time to see it happen. The moon was full and the colour was phenominal. DH was outside with his binoculars looking at the craters on the moon. I could only stand outside for a few minutes as it was far too cold for me. DS even took some pictures of the eclipse. I will have to get one and post it here. (tonight!) After looking at the moon I went into the house and sat in my chair to watch TV. I was going to knit but my dog Tiger had other plans for me. He ended up on my lap, all curled up under the blanket I had on my feet. He never moved until I went to bed about an hour and a half later.

Tonight I get to knit while I wait for DD at her dance class. That's 2 1/2 hours of uninterrupted knitting time! I can hardly wait. My only complaint is that the chairs are not the most comfortable around. Oh well I guess we have to sacrifice things in life. One of the other mom's at the dance studio has started to knit socks too!. She is using DPN's and has asked me to show her how to Magic Loop 2 at once. Her socks are nice. They are in a self striping yarn.

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Paula said...

Isn't it great to have loads of knitting time to look forward to? You could take your own chair to the dance class. One of those comfy canvas chairs that fold up into a nylon bag. I can sit in those for hours.

I saw the eclipse as I was leaving the knitting class I am teaching. I had forgotten about it so seeing it was totally serendipitous.