Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!


I hope everyone starts off the new year with good intentions! I always do but things happen and I never seem to accomplish everything that I intend to. OH well. I guess I will try again...

We went to my Dad's for dinner on New Years. It was wonderful. As usual we ate too much food! and there was lots left over so we took some home! Yummy! My brothers family was there too.
It was nice to spend time with the family and NOT have a TV on in the background. I really enjoyed our visit.

I started a pair of socks on boxing day for me out of some Tofutsies yarn that I received for Christmas. I did the Yukon leaves pattern. They are really nice however they are too small for my foot. So a girlfirend with smaller feet will get them! WOW she is not going to expect them at all. I ended up finishing them yesterday. I love the holidays. I get to knit more! Woo Hoo.

I spent yesterday (my day off) with my 16 year old son. We went to my LYS to exchange a ball of sock yarn for a more interesting colourway, and then to get him a new iPod. He suffered through the half hour in the LYS in order to get to the electronics store, without a complaint I might add! Once we got home he was right on the computer registering and loading the iPod with his music. He was a happy boy!.

I then left the house to meet my DH at work and we went to visit his parents. We had a nice visit with them as well. Then we went off to the mall to spend our Christmas gift certificates! I really enjoyed the time I spent with my DH, as the time over the holidays was VERY busy and we were sick at different times.

I am hoping tonight to have a fire and sit and watch TV and Knit of course! What a perfect evening that will be!

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