Monday, December 31, 2007

I Survived!

Well it's finally over and I survived! Just barely. Even the dog is whipped!

I had a CRAZY lead up to Christmas. I was so busy at work that I had started to not like my favourite holiday of the year! I am in the packaging and shipping business and to listen to everyone wanting to get their gifts to the recipients on time is nuts. They want them there overnight and don't want to pay the price for that convenience. What I really wanted to say to them was that maybe they should PLAN AHEAD and not pay the HUGE price tag to get the gifts there overnight!

I was really tired of listening to the complaints that I had started to really dislike Christmas. But in the end I got all of my knitting done (is it ever really all done!) for the gifts.

I knit my FIL (who is sick), a pair of socks and he was unsure if they would fit so I put them on his feet. Well when I went back 2 days later for a visit, he STILL had them on! And said that they were really warm and comfy! THAT is what it is all about for me!

My kids got a tonne of stuff that they didn't need but really wanted. I got a few things too. A red purse, sock yarn, a diamond pendant, earrings and chocolates. I was REALLY spoiled this year! I love my Hubby! He really knows how to shock me! Just when I think I've got him figured out he tosses me a curve ball!

Well, I am at work now and have customers that keep coming in. I will try to post pictures of my Christmas gifts that were knitted very soon!

Here is a picture of my Monkey socks that I finally finished and actually wore on Christmas day!

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