Monday, January 7, 2008


I need coffee!

Well it will be back to our regular routine in about 10 minutes when I wake my 16 & 14 year old. I am NOT looking forward to the attitude that I am going to get when I wake them for school. They have pretty much slept till they were ready to get up all holiday long. Unless they were working early (which only happened 4 times). Their regular time for tising is 6:30 and I think the earliest they got up was 11. OMG to be a teenager again...naaaw!! wouldn't do it again if you paid me!

Yesterday was a busy day yet I didn't accomplish all that much. I drove my daughter to work at 7:00 am then came home and went back to bed until I got up at 10. Then at 11 I got my son up for work and drove him there at 11:30. I returned home to spend a little time with my DH. Then I had to pick up my daughter from work and take her right to dance class. There I met my girlfriend and we went to Port Colborne so that she could pick up the antique dresser that she bought. It was a nice drive and it turned out to be a Beautiful dresser. We left there (I knit a bit on the way back) and went back to pick our daughters from dance class, then proceeded home. I later had to take my son at 8:00pm to his hockey game. I seemed to be out alot yeaterday but didn't do too much and then my day was over.

Today, after the kids leave I have to get ready for work. I have a busy day planned. I have to get alot of furniture ready to ship to the USA. So I won't even get to surf the net...oh well I can later I guess.

Tonight I am going to attempt to get more of the sock that I am making for my father done. I made him a pair for christmas but apparently I mad ethem too short in the leg. So I decided to knit him another pair. I bought the yarn, On Your Toes DK Boot sock yarn, but I only bought 1 ball and should have purchased 2. I really don't think that one will be enough. So I called my LYS and they have to order it in for me. They don't have any more of the same colour! This is my luck. Oh well I will show my dad what he has coming and hope they order it soon! I will try to post some pictures later. I like the colour, they are brown, black and grey.

Well I ahd better go and wake some sleeping time bombs...wish me luck...

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