Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where Has June Gone?

Ok, here we are more than half way through June and the weather is still crappy! WTH is going on...

I have been crazy busy this month...we have had tattoo practices, the actual tattoo, school functions, knitting night, work, dance classes, a dance competition and just about every other evening out of the house. I would like school to be over, dance classes to be done and my evenings to be my own again! Soon, very soon....

This coming weekend we are out at a family surprise function and then next week is knitting night and DS's Graduation from High School. There has been a bit of a kerschmuffle about knitting night as most of our little group will not be attending on Thursday...due to different reasons, (mine being DS's Grad!) so we have decided to switch ourt evening to the Wednesday evening. WOO HOO!! That means that I get to go this time! I really hate missing it. It's funny how much you notice when you miss it.
Well this past weekend DD was involved again with the Canadian International Military Tattoo in Hamilton, Ontario. She was one of many tattoo dancers who did an excellent job!

Meanwhile, Della and I went to Windsor on Saturday for a dance competition....we went to sell Ghillies. Our company, The Tartan Ghillie, was asked to attend to sell the dance shoes. The dance competiton was a small one but held in a lovely setting. It was at Fort Malden in Amherstberg.

I did quite a bit of knitting as well. I am on the sleeves of my Mr. Greenjeans sweater and have turned the heel on the Insidious socks. I have also knit the June square for our Sketchy group charity blanket. I even knit an extra May square and learned to cable without a needle! THAT was very exciting and way quicker!
Happy Knitting!


A :-) said...

Oooo you have been busy! Looks like you were having a lot of fun, though :-)

vivian said...

I'm glad we changed knit night too. We would have missed you.