Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grad, Knitting, Driving and Life in General...

This post is going to be picture heavy...sorry but alot has gone on in my world this past month and I have to show you.

First off...DS Graduated from High School! Yea!!! Grade 12 is done with...Woo Hoo! He received a scholarship award from the Burlington Lions club for community service. What a surprise for him. He was thrilled. (So was Mom! *LOL*)

Now on to the next part of his life...except that the next part includes doing another year of high school...Oh well, he WANTS to do this. He needs a few more science credits to be accepted to the university he wants to go to. So I say 'YEA!' for another year of high school. Saves me a few dollars this year! LOL

Now for the Knitting...

I have been busy and here is the proof...

I received my WoolGirl Sock Club kits. One of them went MIA so Jen sent me a new one. It is gorgeous! The yarn is Curious Creek and the colourway is Kinsale. The blue is Beautiful!

The other kit that I received was the 'It's Raining Cats & Dogs' theme. It was a really fun kit as well. The yarn is Dream in Colour Smooshy and is a brindle sort of colour similar to Tigers fur. The goodies that were also included are great! What fun Jen must have had putting these together!

I received a pair of Air Raid socks as my Death socks for Sock Wars and a friend loved them so much I had to knit her a pair! Here they are. They are knit using Malabrigo sock yarn and a 2.75mm Addi Circular needle. I love them and I know she does too!

I also wanted to try the Insidious pattern from Sock Wars, so once I died I decided to give them a try. Here they are. I knit them using KnitPicks Essential Kettle Dyed yarn in the gold colourway. They turned out pretty good. I like the 'strong' heel that the pattern uses. These were the first cables that I have ever done on a sock...

I also decided that I wanted to try to knit a shrug. So I decided to give the Cropped Raglan Sweater a try. I really like this and it was very easy and fast! I knit it out of dish cloth cotton. It is soft and I figure that it will wash like a rag, which in my world is a good thing! I even got to use my shawl pin that I made.

I also reknit the button band on my Mr. Greenjeans Sweater as it wasn't sitting right. It is blocking right now. The girls at my Sketchy Knit Night helped me to fix what I needed to so it would look okay. I love those girls!

DD's best friend's mom is going through some trying times right now in her personal life right now and I wanted to do something for her. A little while ago she commented on a pair of socks that I was knitting and how much she liked them so I decided to knit a pair for her! I know hand knit socks can't fix all the problems in the world right now, but if we keep on knitting them maybe one day they will! At the very least they make someone smile.

I am using Fleece Artist sock yarn in a colour that I picked up from Linda's Craftique last Saturday. The pattern is Blackrose. It has a little bit of a lace look without being too busy.

Last Saturday was a crazy day in my world. I think I drove all over Hell's Half Acre then. I had top be in 3 places that day. I was supposed to go to Chatham for a Highland Dance competition to seel dance shoes but Della didn't have anyone to look after her dogs for the day. And it was going to be a LONG day! So I volunteered to stay home and tend to the hounds. She went with her DD. They had a good networking day.

DH went to his brother's annual golf tournament in Guelph. They call it 'Puke and Putt 2009'. It is the 14th annual one and with a name like that you can guess how much fun they have.

I was also going to meet up with Kirstie from my knitting group at her LYS and visit there for a while.

So here's how my day went...I got up and drove DH to Guelph for 9:30ish (about an hour drive) then headed back to Oakville to tend to the dogs (mine included). (about an hour drive). I hung out with the hounds (Hasia, Betty, Lucy and Tiger) about 2 hours and got some knitting done. It was a nice sunny day and we sat outside...well I sat, they ran and flopped!

I got a call from Kirstie saying that she was leaving her place and that if I wanted to get ready soon she would meet me at the yarn store. That was about 2ish. So I left the dogs and headed out to the next city over. (about a 20 minute drive) I arrived a bit before Kirstie and met my Sock Wars assassin, MarionK. Apparently it is common for people to hang out at their LYS on a Saturday. What a great afternoon I had. There was coffee and cake, great company, as well as the Yummy yarns. It doesn't get any better than that! I think we finally left at about 5:30ish. I know we closed the store.

I headed back to check on the dogs and to pick up my Tiger....After staying with the dogs for about 45 minutes I got the phone call from DH telling me it was time to head back up to Guelph (another hours drive) to pick him up. So I called Della to tell her that I was leaving the dogs alone again (she was on her way home at that point) and headed out to my home to drop off Tiger.

I got to Guelph about 8:30, stayed for about a 1/2 hour, said 'Hi' to everyone that I knew and we, (DH and I), headed home (another hours drive). We got home around 10ish. I was done! I had a great day but I figure I drove about 350kms. I am glad that the golf tournament only happens once a year. I much prefer being a passenger in a vehicle as I get to knit. This driving alot sucks!

This is a picture of Tiger the next day! He was so tired after his day of visiting his girlfriends that he couldn't hold his own head up...he had to use his hedgehog...LOL

On that note...I have rambled enough...Happy Knitting!


Vaedri said...

Wow - the shrug looks great! Thanks for fitting me into your busy Saturday. :)

vivian said...

Ahhh, Tiger. That's a fantastic picture.

Glad you survived that crazy day. Sounds like it was fun.