Friday, March 13, 2009

March Break Approaching!

March break is approaching and DD & DS are BOTH going away for a week snowshoing with their youth group! I believe DH is laid off for yet another week! Even my friend, Della has March Break off. Apparently I am doing something wrong as I have to work! Oh well at least I have my 'Trusty Dog, Tiger' to keep me company at work.

Here are yet another pair of Blender Socks. This time they are for a Dance Mom Friend! They are knit using left over orange yarn. I really like how they turned out.

This is my woodstove and Fred Flintstone hearth that didn't pass the Insurance inspection. It really was a horrid site. The chimney was installed UPSIDE down! The hearth was intruding into the room by about 5 feet, We ripped it all out. One of the boulders weighed about 150lbs. It took everything my son and I had to carry it up the stairs in the rubbermaid bin and put it in the dumpster! We have since insulated, drywalled and are in the process of putting the panelling up. The floor will have an exotic hardwood in place of the stone and we will be installing a gas stove. This should all be done in the next few weeks! I am so looking forward to getting it done and having the basement put back together again!

I will post a picture later when I get home of the progress that we have made. It really is amazing how much bigger the room looks without Fred's fireplace in it! It is alot brighter as well.

I have been working on DH's Durrow Sweater. I have finished the Back piece and am 3/4 done the front. After that then I get to start the Sleeves. They have cables on them. I am still a little aprehensive about doing that many cables but I have been told that I can do them 'No Problem!'.

I am also knitting ANOTHER pair of Blender socks in a blue colour this time. I started them for DH but they don't fit over his they are now mine! OOPS...I promise Honey the NEXT pair will be for you! LOL

Happy Knitting!

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