Monday, May 26, 2008

May...Where Has It Gone?

This past few weeks have been busy but I don't seem to have anything to show for it! I have been knitting, driving kids around, working and knitting.

The feather and fan cardigan is put aside for a few days. I have frogged it 4 times and was so frustrated with it that I wanted to rip it out. The pattern is NOT the clearest it can be. I have never knit a sweater before and there are a few things that I wouldn't just assume, but apparently according to Classic Elite, I should have. They were simple fixes but at the time they were HUGE!. Knowledge is power (and understanding). I will be working on it again this week as I really want to finish and wear it... so I will persevere.

This week is a busy one again. DD has a MilitaryTattoo dance practice tonight and again on Wednesday, dance class on Tuesday and Thursday evening and I have my knitting group on Thursday as well. She is also working a shift or 2 in that time and going to High school. DS has only to go to high school this week and to work at the end of it. DH is on midnight shift so my sleep pattern is all screwed up. Oh well more knitting time!

I have finished my socks for the Wool Girl Sock Club. I love them. They are made with Mama Llama Perfect Sock yarn in a special colourway for the sock club! The Pattern was design for the club as well. It is called Reina by Lisa Dykstra. I received the Sportweight yarn. I will DEFINATELY knit with it again. The colours are great and the feel is soft. I am also posting them to the SAM5 KAL as my socks for May.

Started a new pair of socks for DH's cousin. I am using Conjoined Creations Flat Feet yarn. It is really neat. There are 2 attached panels that have been machine knit and hand dyed. You knit right from the panel, as you knit the panel unravels! It is a cool idea. The pattern is Apple Harvest and is from Northern Sunshine Designs. The design is supposed to go up the back of the leg, but I think I may move it to the front. I will decide when I am closer to the heel. The yarn is a bit rough but I am hoping that it will soften once I wash and block it.

DD is knitting Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket for a friend. She is doing a great job on it and is about 1/4 they way finished! She is using Mission Falls 1824 cotton yarn. This is DD's first project that is not a hat or scarf. She is very impressed with her knitting ability.


Jill L said...

I love all your porjects -- looks like you (and your DD) are having fun!

A :-) said...

The Tattoo sounds amazing - wish I could see it! And the apple socks look really interesting and pretty :-)

Paula said...

Love the purty socks! I just heard about the Flat Feet yarn from my local LYS owner. They have it on order but there is a long delivery time due to huge demand. It's great that your daughter is branching out to the Baby Surprise Jacket and that she has a good "in-house" teacher.

Rani said...

I love your Reina socks! I have not started mine yet. All my needles have socks on them. Grrrr. Thanks for the pics, though. It's nice to see them finished!

(Found you on Woolgirl Sock Club)

Linda said...

Hiya, happy to find your blog! Love those Reina socks, they are fabulous!

Spalc said...

I'm glad the BSJ is going well - seems we'll have a few on the go at knit knite - I'm debating about a second, larger one for a different cousin's baby.