Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catch Up Photos

OK I should probably start at the beginning. Life again has gotten busy...again... but I still have time to knit. I knit when DH drives us around and I have 1 1/2 each morning before I start work. Did I mention that I LOVE to knit!

I decided to knit myself the Ribby Shell tank top. I used El. D. Mousakis Butterfly Super 10 cotton. I am really happy with how it turned out. There is a shine to the yarn that makes the top look great.

DS asked me for another pair of socks so I bought some Paton Kroy FX yarn and knit up a plain vanilla pair. I know Kroy is a cheaper yarn but it knits up well and wears like iron. DS Loves his socks.
My next venture was to try carrying colour. It turns out that it is easier than I thought. I have been afraid of trying it for years but my knitting group was knitting squares for a charity blanket. Each month there was a different design square, each with a different technique. As a result of these 12 squares that I knit. I have learned a few new technques. I learned to read a chart, to knit cables (with and without a cable needle) and now to carry colour.

DH started to hint that he wanted another pair of socks...So I knit him these...

The pattern is Dusk and has a cable design that runs down both sides of the sock. These are knit using Dream in Colour Smooshy. Black Parade is the colourway. They are perfect for DH. Very dark with subtle shades of blue, purple, green. It reminds me of a Black Watch tartan. They are now DH's favourite socks.
I started a pair of Nutkin socks for me using Dream in Colour Knitosophy in the colourway Strength. I enjoyed knitting DH's socks with it that I decided that I should have a pair as well. The picture colour is a bit off. They are a bit more burgundy than they appear.

Now that my Nutkin's are done DH feels that he needs more socks . I pointed out to him that he had 7 pairs and that he should be happy with that. He then asked me how many I had.... I told him that I knit my own and that maybe he would like to try...No, was the answer I got! I have over 2 weeks worth of socks that I love and wear all the time. I will continue to knit myself socks but, to keep the peace I think I will have to rotate between knitting for me and knitting for DH, DD and DS. I figure that as long as I knit one of them a pair in between knitting for me I should be OK! *LOL*
Last week I had a little visitor come to see me at my store. N was walking and playing in the store for a little while when he decided that he wanted to have a little lay down with Tiger in the store window. I managed to snap a photo. Which is pretty good for me as I usually don't think about the pictures till after the moment has passed. I thought this was a great

And finally my Knitting Group had our Sketchy Dying Day. We all got together and dyed some yarn. It was a blast. All of the skeins were different and all were very creative. Each person dyed their skein in the colours that they liked. Mine are below. The yarn is Knit Pick Superwash Bare sock yarn. We also used acid dyes.

I decided to dye a skein for DH. It is a combination of blues, greens and black. The colour reminds me of the Nova Scotia tartan.

The next one I dyed was a combination of yellow and red, making a gorgeous skein of orange, red, and yellow. I love this bright colourway. I am not sure what I want to knit with this skein yet but I will definately love it!

I had a skein of Fiesta Baby Boom yarn that was called Snow. It was a white/cream colour that was not very exciting so I brought it to dye as well. I love the blues, purples, reds and black that it now is. This is a much more appropriate colour for me now. It will make a beautiful scarf or socks.

Since all of my newly dyed yarn is still wet, I started another pair of vanilla (basic/plain) socks for DH...hopefully I get them done quick so that I can start knitting my "NEW" yarn!
Well, that about catches me up. I am hoping that I won't be away so long next time...
Next weekend is Victoria Day Long Weekend, which is the start of the summer. I have alot or work to get done around our yard but I will try to post the progress on my knitting.


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