Friday, January 16, 2009

WOW! -21 With the Wind Chill it is -31!

Can you believe this weather...minus 31 outside. This is insane weather. Tomorrow the windchill is going to make it minus 34. Sunday it is supposed to be a balmy minus 5. After the past few days it will seem like spring!

Tiger and his feet have been having a few troubles the past few days with the salt and cold on the sidewalks. So today we decided to put his boots on. Here he is this morning as we were leaving for work with his coat and boots on. He does NOT like the boots at all. He tolerates the coat but the boots...not so much. When I finally got them on his feet, he just stood there...once he started to move he did the freaky idiot walk. DH and I had a good laugh at Tiger this morning.

On the knitting front....I have been busy sock knitting. So far this year I have finished 3 pairs of socks.

Pair one is for DH. They are a 3 x 2 rib made from Briggs & Little Tuffy yarn. I believe that it is a worsted weight. DH is happy with them. They fit a bit snug but there is some give and they will stretch. They were a fairly quick knit but, for me the yarn is too rough, but for DH they are perfect!

Pair two is just a plain basic pattern, knit using 64 stitches on 2.25mm addi needles. They are from a skein of Opal that I had. I haven't decided who they are for yet. DD has her eye on them. I think they may be for me...we shall see.

Pair 3 is the same as pair 2. just a basic sock on the 2.25mm needles. This yarn is Patons Kroy. A good hard wearing yarn. I thought the colours were different when I bought the yarn and I am not too knocked out with them. I thought they were more purple, so DD may get these instead of the orange ones.

I am now working on a Hot Water Bottle cover, and deciding on which yarn to use for the next pair of socks!

Last week my knitting group got together for our Secret Santa gift exchange. We decided to do it in January rather than December so we could keep the giving going! Besides everyone's life was crazy prior to Christmas. This way we were all at our regular place. We all haven't been together since September. It was a really nice evening. The company was great and all the gifts received were wonderful. There was even some talk about doing the exchange maybe in July!
I personally received some really colourful roving to spin, a calendar that has a knitting pattern on each and every day of the year, some knitted dishcloths and a few other goodies.

I would have taken more pictures but my camera battery died and I only got the 2. Take my word for was a lovely evening!

Well I have to get back to work! Have a great weekend and try to stay warm.

Happy Knitting!


A :-) said...

Oh Geez - it's even colder by you. It warmed up enough to snow here last night, so now I have to do the driveway before I can go out this morning!

Stay warm!!

vivian said...

Tiger is so adorable in his coat and boots!!!

Nice to see the pics from the Secret Santa, since I wasn't there in person.