Saturday, January 24, 2009

Win Fall!

So you may remember a little while ago that I won a contest. It was for Sock a Month Knit Along 6. Well I won 2 other blog contests around the same time. I won on WoolGirl and Abby's Blog AND on Simply Sock Yarn Company's blog as well. With Christmas fast approaching the yarn sending got pushed to the back burner...well I finally received my win fall!

From the SAM6, I won this skein of yarn from QuteCowGirl. It is a nice combination of greens and blues. I think DH may get a pair of socks from this yarn!

Wool Girl sent me a skein of MadelineTosh Sock yarn in the colour way Rhubarb. It is gorgeous, pinks, greens and some yellow. This will definately be for ME! I also received a sock project bag made by ZigZag, and 4 little note cards. The bag is orange and so far I have seen DD eyeing it up as she loves orange.

Along with the WoolGirl Prize was my order from them. I broke down when WoolGirl had her after Christmas sale and bought a few skeins. I bought 2 skeins of MadelineTosh Sock yarn and a skein of Farmhouse Yarns Fannie's Fingering yarn in the colourway Grapes on the Vine.

AND from the Simply Sock Yarn Company I won a beautiful skein of Seacoast sock yarn in the Autumn colourway. (Photo to follow later.)

I figure that since I won 3 times, I am finished for a LONG time in the winning dept. Things in my life usually happen in threes, so I am done. TOO bad, I wish one of my wins had have been in the lottery area but HEY if I can't win the lottery then Yarn is just as good!

On the knitting side I have finished 2 more pairs of socks this month. I knit a pair in a bright stripe for DS. They were knit using 2.75 mm needles and Regia stretch yarn.

DD wanted another pair (Big Shocker!) Only hers are Monster socks or Franken Socks. She just wanted footies, so I knit them using the left over bits from all of the other socks I have knit. They are almost a matched pair.

The next FrankenSocks that I knit will be totally mismatched. I started an new pattern for the FrankenSocks. It is similar to the Blended Sock on Ravelry.

I also finished the Hot Water Bottle Cover. It was a nice fast knit. I think I may knit a few more of these as gifts. DD wants me to knit her a cover for her March Break Snowshoe trip! I had better get started soon I guess.

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