Thursday, October 21, 2010

Since My Last Post I Have....

been doing a lot of things.

We have been slowly renovating PakMail. The corporate colours have changed and since the store has not been painted in, I'm sure the past 20 years. I decided it was time...The new colours are burgundy, white and a colour called Gardenia (it is a yellowy white). The old colours were burgundy and grey. Very nice, but also very industrial when in the presence of packaging material. LOL

Our lease was up for renewal and we negotiated a set of double doors for the front of the store with them. OMG what a difference. I can not wrap and strap skids of goods INSIDE instead of out front on the sidewalk! It sounds like a minor thing, BUT if the weather was bad I had to postpone the shipping date. Which can be a big deal for some shipments.

We also redesigned the mailbox wall. My store looks HUGE now! AND very bright! it is a much nicer place to walk into. Very fresh! The only thing left is to have the floor done....soon!

At the beginning of September, (Labour day actually) DS an I headed to St. John's, Newfoundland. DS is going to Memorial University for Physics and Physical Oceanography. Something he has always wanted to do!

I decided when he first applied that I would take him out there to get him settled. That way I could see where he would potentially go and hang out over the next 4 or so years. It's a Mom thing, to know that your kids is settled in and safe! LOL

We arrived Friday around noon in St. John's, with 3 HUGE suitcases, got the rental car and headed off to the hotel. Siunce DS had to register on the Sunday at his dorm, we decided to do aa bit of sightseeing on the Friday evening and the Saturday. We drove downtown and around the city to orient ourselves with what is where. What a gorgeous city! There are some funky coloured homes...

We even found a yarn store or 2...DS played with Franklin the dog in the one store. (That way I could wander around a bit longer!) A few skeins found their way into my bag...some sock yarn (BIG shocker there! LOL) and some yarn to make DS a Hat.

A Good Yarn, St. John's NL

On the Saturday, we went to Signal Hill and Cape Spear. Both were amazing places. We read that at Cape Spear we were closer to Ireland than we were to home! Very cool!

Signal Hill

DS at Cape Spear

Registration was Sunday morning...OMG the line...Talk about long, but the University had it all under control. I was amazed that we got in line at 8:30 (registration was starting at 9) and by 10 we were to the front of the line. The parents went to one spot for tea, coffee and breaky and the students went through the line for their Student card and keys to their rooms. Organized...Definately!

Once DS got his room key, we headed off to his dorm, suitcases in tow. DS is on the 3rd floor. Well HE muscled the suitcases, his fridge and all the other necessities that a University student needs to have in their room, up the 3 flights of stairs. We got him all unpacked, the bed made and everything put away and he decided that it was time for me to go so he could mingle with the other students on his floor. The dorm also had a bunch of activities for them planned for later that evening.

I left feeling absolutely unloved and rejected, and went off to get the final few things that he needed for his room. I picked up the last things (and a few extras!) and called DS to let him know that I had them. He told me to stop by and that he would come down stairs and get them from me...

Monday was Orientation...Both for the Students and Parents. I learned of all the services that MUN offers their students, how to cope with your kid not being home and what to say if they are having difficulty. After sitting through all the guest speakers, I definately felt better about leaving my "Baby" there.

Back to the hotel I went after a quick last visit with DS. He had a blast at his Orientation and the swag that he had...what a haul! He was telling me about the dorm and how he had met alot of people there. He was BEAMING!!!!

Tuesday morning had me heading to the airport, Alone...It felt really wrong...even as I type this my eyes are watering and my heart hurts a little bit! But I know this is the progression of having kids. You raise them all these years to get to this point in time, when they are becoming independent and all grown up! But as a parent it is still hard, one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life...

A week and a half after I got home from NFLD, DH and I went moose hunting in Northern Ontario. Well, we went LOOKING...didn't see anything but a small black bear.

It was a lovely week, it rained 4 out of the 7 days we were gone. BUT I was away and had the much needed break from the work world!

I knit a pair of socks for one of the guys in our hunting party. He was VERY happy to receive them and wore them up there to keep his feet warm.

On the drive home, I was working on the back of a sweater that I bought at the Kitchener Knitters Fair.

I have also knit quite a bit since my last post. I joined the Iron Knitter 2 competition and have so far completed 3 pairs of socks (and learned new techniques). I have knit a baby blanket, another giraffe, a few hats, a hot water bottle penguin cover, I started a pair of fairisle mittens, a sweater and another pair or 2 of socks.

Iron Knitter 2 Round 1

Iron Knitter 2 Round 2 (Intarsia)

Iron Knitter 2 Round 3

Pinwheel Baby Blanket

Kim's Giraffe

Dragonfly socks

Hot Water Bottle Cover for DS

Fairisle Mittens for me!

Currently I am working on Christmas knitting.
I will keep you posted on what happens next...
Keep on Knitting!


A :-) said...

Thought maybe you dropped off the face of the earth! Glad you are posting again. The store looks really nice, and it sounds like you had a great trip getting your son off to school.

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