Thursday, October 15, 2009

Knitting Quick Things!

OK. I have to admit I have been very busy knitting. I am trying to get my Christmas gifts knit and feel that I am on my way...

I decided this year that the smaller shawl slash scarf was the thing to knit. So far I have completed 4... I also have a Clapotis and a pair of socks done....just need to decide who is getting what.

I decided that the Aestlight shawl that I knit for the Sketchy KAL is going to be given to someone.

I also knit Traveling Woman, 198 yards of Heaven, Ishbel and am currently finishing up the Dandy Neckerchief. They have all been fairly fast and simple but I think they look great. I was hoping to get a few more done for the 'teenagers' on my list.

Traveling Woman and Ishbel were knit using Silky Wool that I bought off of Kirsty. Ishbel is knit in a Pink colour and Traveling Woman is a dark purple. Each Shawl took less than 2 skeins of yarn. I was quite pleased with how they turned out.

I haven't taken a picture of 198 Yards of Heaven yet. It is blocking as I type this. I will try to get it uploaded tomorrow. I used Estelle 100% Silk for this one. I had a few balls leftover from my Corset top that was made a while ago. I used a larger needle than was suggested so I used about 220 yards instead.
I am now working on the Dandy is knit using Cascades 220 Heather in a teal colour. Talk about fast...I started this one last night and only have a few more repeats to go before I cast off. I should be finished this evening! At this rate I may get my Christmas knitting complete well in advance! Woo Hoo!
I am also working on a shawl for me. I want to wear it to DH's work Christmas dinner / party at the end of November. I started Night Blooms but am having second thoughts about it as I am using fingering weight yarn and I think that one should really be done in the DK weigh. I am going to give Cumparsita a try. I was originally going to do it but then decided that I liked the Night Blooms better. Not happening...
My knitting group, The Sketchy Knitters decided back in January that we were going to knit some squares to be sewn into blankets for charity. I have completed all of them to date, but only have photos of 4 of them...

Sorry about the crappy pictures. I really need to work on improving them. Each square is a different month in the overall pattern. I have also learned how to read a chart now as a result of doing these squares. The designer has incorporated a new technique into each month. Cabling without a needle was another learned technique.
This past weekend was our Canadian Thanksgiving. I had 3 glorious days off. The weather was good, we got all our outside household chores done. Gardening, lawn cut, and pool closed. Dinner was in there as well. We went to SIL's on Sunday for a ham and scalloped potato dinner. It was nice. Monday DH cooked our own turkey. An 18lb turkey for 4 of us....we had it all...turkey, mashed potatos, turnip, gravy, stuffing and pumpkin pie. There was so much leftover that I put enough in the freezer for 2 future meals. We ate it the next day and I made soup as well. You gotta love a turkey!
My pumpkin pie was a hit as well. I made a few extra tarts for my father as he loves my pies and pastry, but since I didn't have enough fixings for another pie, tarts it was. They were delivered the next morning and probably eaten before I was down the road. *LOL*

So now after that we are all back to work as usual. There are no more long weekend until Christmas...too bad!

Keep on knitting!


Paula said...

I think we are both on the same shawl kick. They are fun, aren't they?
Wow, to display my ignorance of all things Canadian, I was unaware that you celebrated Thanksgiving with similar foods. I was vaguely aware that you had a Thanksgiving holiday at a different time than ours. So Happy Thanksgiving!

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