Monday, August 31, 2009

Here We Go Again!

Ok, I have been busy knitting alot of things...Oh Yea and getting ready for school to start and for me to go hunting with DH!. I am looking forward to my trip up north with him again. I have a few knitting project already picked out to bring with me.

DD is taking part, first semester in The Bronte Creek project. It is a leadership program that focuses on the environment. She will earn 4 high school credits and learn alot. She is really looking forward to it.

DS is going to go back for one more year of High school as he would like to take 2 more sciences and a math. He figures that if he takes those credits then he will have NO problem getting into Memorial university for Oceanography / Marine Biology. He is going to go to the school that he went to for grades 9 & 10. That school id about a 1/2 hour drive from where we are now but he wants to take music as well and they have a Wonderful music program and very inspiring teacher as well! So who am I to argue!

I have repaired - darned - sewn a pair of Highland Dance hose for a dancer, that had numerous holes and a few split seams. I couldn't match the colour of yarn so I had to spin a few yards in order to fix them.

I have also made a few more hammered copper shawl pins for our Etsy site, SKWD Creations.

My knitting group is in the process of doing a Shawl KAL. I decided to knit the Aestlight Shawl in a dark blue yarn that is really nice. The yarn is Curious Creek Fibers Wasonga in the colourway Old Kinsale. I received the yarn from the WoolGirl Sock Club. The pattern knit up VERY fast. The center triangle is straight knitting (garter stitch), It doesn't get any faster than that. We started the KAL on August 20th and the goal was to have 5 inches of our respective shawls done by our next gathering (2 weeks later), well I am done. I will definately knit another shawl for this KAL, as the Aestlight one was too quick in my mind. Lovely, but quick!

The one I want to do is La Cumparsita. One of the others in my knitting group is doing it and I absolutely love it. I want to wear it for my DH's Christmas party. I think it would look stunning with a black dress. The colour that I want to knit it in is Veronica, a black/purple/pink colourway by Dizzy Blonde Studios.

I also started a pair of socks. The pattern is written in Finnish. It is called Bombadil. One of the girls in the Sketchy knitters made them and translated the pattern. I like how they are turing out. They have trailing leaves on them.

I also started a plain sock for DS's friend. They are in a self striping yarn.

I finished the Clapotis. It turned out okay. I ran out of the original dyed yarn and had to use part of the make up skein but unless you are looking for the difference you will never notice. I did okay with regards to attempting to match the kool-aid dyed yarn. I am pretty impressed with myself! I made the clapotis a bit longer that the pattern called for. It is not as wide as I thought it was going to be when I blocked it. I may give it to someone for a christmas gift. I haven't decided yet. Either way I am happy with the way it turned out.

I will try to post a few picutres either today or tomorrow.
Keep on Knitting!

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A :-) said...

You have been busy!! That tango shawl looks stunning - I think you should go for it and I agree, it will look great with a little black dress :-)